New Cosmetic DLC Looks Dope!

Finally, something akin to the darfari style. I really like the native barbaric look with skulls and bones attached to pieces of armor.

Also the bird skin makes it look quite menacing. Makes me really tempted to buy it…


Ah ha! Jen’s trying to play it off like I was a crazy person for connecting all the dots with connection to the newest DLC. I’m perfectly sane thank you very much… sometimes, kinda.


:wink: Can’t just reveal all the secrets immediately.


I like the buildings and armour and stuff but it lacks the Javelin and throwing axe No tomahawks for Picts, really?, and no javelins? Also there’s no buildable decorations

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Also, is the starmetal pickaxe new with this update? I’ve never noticed it before.

WAH! Thanks for pointing out.
I didnt see that one.

I LOVE the looks. :astonished:

But… Pictish Wizard set? I guess sorcery just got so hard confirmed. (If there was anyone who did not hear/read that certain statement.)
The medium set just looks so awesome! Great work! … But now I got a hard descision coming… Light or medium armor? I wanna have the long dogde but I love this armor… :sob:
As for the heavy one… I might be the only one, as I never got to know those lore and art and stuff, but I think that armor could have been better with the full torso being plated, instead of showing skin.

Building pieces look nice, though I will stick to the ceilings and walls of them, if I am going to use them.

Yep, came with 34. (Pet Update)

None of the DLC packs have throwing axes or javelins, unfortunately. It was a huge technical nightmare that we just weren’t able to solve.

The Picts aren’t exactly the kind of people who use a lot of decorations, so we went for pet skins instead :slight_smile:

Is this being released today on all platforms? Nothing on my PS4 yet.

North America (West)

I get what you mean with the decorations though I think some tribal decorations would have been really nice. The outfits and buildings look amazing though. can’t wait to use the warpaints

But I’m confused, the Khitai DLC pack does have throwing axe and javelin in the feats menu

I never tried to make them so I assumed they were in the game is that just left over from when you attempted to implement them?

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The freakin pet pen is way too big tough…

I have absolutely no idea where I’ll put it. I actually have no space to fit such monstrosity…


well i too saw the mention of Pict dlc in the game file :wink: and i kinda suspected it would be released with this update, in my head it sorta made sense :wink:

But damn my RP character need a total do over now XD

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You can definitely make them (or at least you could at some point), because I have several times. I’ve never actually used them though, so I don’t know if they can actually be thrown or not.

October 17th for the DLC

And to avoid any confusion, PS4 will see the pet update itself this week.

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Jens I have to ask…why does the armor cool you down? I already placed a bug report about it (Hoping it is indeed a bug)

But I find it odd and a little…off putting if it isn’t a bug considering the entire appeal and the lovely video you folks put together for the dlc, was in the north…I wear it and I get frostbite by making the flawless armor anywhere in the north like I was wearing silent legion, or the aquilonian dlc armors up there.

I am saddened none of the warpaints go on the face at all

How do they expect us to place these pens when they won’t snap unless they touch ground, and can’t even see anything?

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On the contrary, this style is very suitable for me. Just what was missing. The middle set is beautiful, everything I love. The only negative is that it is for survival and blocks require stone and steel. Very lacking the same gloomy blocks of tier 2 made of wood.
And the scenery really lacks. Highly. :frowning:

You are absolutely entitled to your interests and things you find appealing. I just wanted to make that clear, so it’s perfectly fine you feel this DLC isn’t appealing to you. Everyone has their own tastes and interests.

I was just wondering, as I’m a PvE solo player too, why do you feel this is PvP focused? The only major difference between this one, and the other 2, is that this one has new pet skins, and the others have decorations. The others also use tier 3 buildings, has warpaint’s, armor, and weapons, just like this one does as well. What makes the other 2 more PvE focused for you, is it just the decorations? Cause if so, can pets not be used (and should be used) in PvE content?

guess i am the only one, who is a bit disappointed by the look of the buildings.

hoped for something more tribal, instead it looks to me like a black ice redesign.


It looks more logical than the Chinese set. Which looks like a tree, but requires a lot of stone. :slight_smile: