New Cosmetic DLC Looks Dope!

I also have to say looking at the armor and gear as well as skins for pets, it looks like the skins are focused a bit from the Wolf clan Picts from Age of Conan in all who really did interest me in opinion.

No offense but I wouldn’t take the video presentation as what makes you feel how the dlc should feel like. As testing it, it cools you down to aquilonian dlc armor levels. So…the presentation already shows the armor in a region where it can’t be used with out downing a ton of spiced meat and mead.

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No one seemed to be logical options for the reservation?
Armor looks like winter. So much fur. But it has resistance to heat.
I am very happy about this, but it looks … Illogical.
But it’s good :slight_smile:

I absolutely agree,
But at the same time I suppose they have managed to give dlcs in temperature range of their biomes.

Khitain -North
Aquilonian- South
Pict -Swungle

If you match them that way, they do fit somewhat.

I have nothing against it. Just the appearance does not match the parameters. However, as the Zamorysky set. “Armored bra” warming in the dead frost :smiley:
Cheated the winter regions. If for heat there is a choice between force (pict) and survivability (aquilon), then for winter only force (khitai).
I mean cheap stuff.

I’m wondering, what is the resource cost of these buildings ?
Is it like black ice or reinforced stone ?

I’m looking forward to picking it up and showing it off on stream. I like the idea of pet skins to help separate what will eventually become a confusing mess of whatever the “meta” pet becomes.

Very cool looking stuff, will buy it, as usual.
Let’s hope we’ll have the right platform to enjoy it.

but i did notice that the pillar ends of stairs with rails stick out beneath the floor’s though, that needs to be fixed in my opinion

What bad timing for me in regards to when the DLC coming out on consoles, 2 days before a game I’m really looking forward to is released, guess I’ll make the most of that 2 days, because this DLC looks good in my opinion.

We are aware that we can’t make everyone completely happy with the different DLCs but we try to get a good balance between them so there is overall something for all play-styles. That might not be for every single one but in general :slight_smile:

As far as the heat protection stats on the pict armor: That is indeed intended. Just to clarify that this isn’t a bug

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Thank you for taking the time to answer. This is really important and not only in this case.

P.S. The armor is really beautiful (medium especially). Let it remain so. We will consider heat protection as magic. :smiley:

Of course and I know. WE know :slight_smile:
There are plans in motion to ensure better and more frequent communication on the forums and other official platforms, even though our moderators and the CMs are working hard on being there for you as much as they can.

I hopefully have some more official information to share soon :slight_smile:


it was added last week with jhebbal sag etc. :slight_smile:

since it seems like you are not going for functionality in your builds anyways you could just skill agility to 40 and have long dodge and medium armor the same time this way

the only one fitting is aquilonian IMO, khitan looks like meant for jungle, yet it has cold resistance, pict looks like north, yet it has heat resistance, it just does not make sense, I do not like the two bar armors anyways, limits you too much, I would much rather have completly neutral sets since you could use them anywhere with proper food

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the thing with the epic armored bra has to be a bug, or more rather a mistake since the non epic armored bra actually has heat resistance^^

with all the weird stuff that is going on with temperature I could see them beeing confused by their own temperature system like a lot of people have been in the beginning - redhot bars that cool you down and icecold blue bars that heat you up aren’t particulary intuitive^^


could you answer the question WHY then?

did you threw over the whole intended setting/use of the armor just to not make the heavy armor basically a reskin of the heavy khitan armor?

It just doesn’t look and feel right.

And please finally fix the temperature resistance of the epic hyperborean slaver armor.

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It would be great if you could add something like ice to your armor. To be able to walk in Zamoria set in a warm climate. (He is completely open, but protects from the cold!).
It will certainly affect the balance, I don’t know exactly how. Possible for the better. I would really like it. The ability to somehow (even temporarily) change the temperature of clothing. In addition to tea or food. Their effect is very long.
Perhaps, if the effects of food and drinks were prolonged, this problem would be completely solved!
Yes, this is probably a good idea, I will write it down.

Can you spend some time on my list of suggestions? It concerns mainly the last patch, but also touches on very important topics.

I would be very happy about that. Your opinion matters to me.
Thanks you.

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Sorry, does the set of pict structures have any temperature buff? And if so, which ones? Warm or cool? I do not see anywhere information about this.

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