Blood and Sand building pieces - Disappointing and exciting at the same time!


Don’t get me wrong I like the new building pieces, they are among things I have wanted for a very long time in this game, but I am afraid that I most likely never will use them in my game play :frowning_face:

I used to sometimes build in the north/colder part of the map, but I just like the warmer parts better, so I build my base there now.

As I understand the Blood and Sand armors are heat protected while the building pieces are cold protected… WHY?

I know the DLC isn’t out yet, but this temperature inconsistency already disappoint me beforehand, and since I am slowly moving more towards true PVE, there’s very little in both the update and DLC that I look forward to :slightly_frowning_face:

i was under the impression that there is no cold or heat resistance building and are all the same? or behave the same?

Building types offer either cold or heat protection, fx black ice offer cold protection while reinforced stone offers heat protection.

There are not too much building sets with cold protect: in fact Black Ice and Khitan only. Even Frontier is heat-protect, so Blood and Sand is welcome.

Wait the building pieces are cold-protect? I had hoped to use this near Sepermeru. Guess I’ll have to see how big an impact it has…

Yep. Where is getting worse is when you’re at the point you’re filling the buildings with light source which are also for the most part… heat sources as well. :sweat_smile:

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Radium or glowing torches it is! :sweat_smile:


When I think of Sand. I think of the desert. I dont think of the north. Amd with heat resistant armor with more split stats I cant see myself buying this DLC.

Its good that they added another accuracy light set, but the split stats nullify its use.

Pict wizard is still preferable.

We dont have a cold accuracy set minus a heavy set and a split stat set offered by Fia which underperformed.

If they give the new pieces with Turan then I’ll be happy. I assume they will.

Turan barely looks decent with other tile types and adding a new structure to my base of a different type might make it less attractive. Banners are nice. But I may have to pass on this one. There isnt anything I can combine with the current armors and weapon skins while nice and they are really nice are no longer needed end game.

My thralls all use legendary equipment now

So you’re saying that assigning specific heat and cold stats to buildings and armor types, as well as specific, non-customizable attribute stats in armors, could hurt sales?

If only someone would suggest revamping the stat system for greater flexibility… hmmm.


Are these pieces part of a specific set or will all styles get the rounded parts?

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As I understand only the Blood and Sand DLC will get these new rounded building parts which will make them less usable in hot areas if they indeed are cold protected like shown in this video by Firesparks81 :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m saying its not for me. I have all of the others but if they include the peices in the Turan and the rest I’m pretty solid

People will buy it. There just isnt anything that stands out to me as a purchase.

I feel like the building peices thenatically feel as though they should be heat resistant. Not cold.

These are just my thoughts.

I’ll no doubt buy others. I’m just not feeling this one. I cant speak for the other folks. I encourage people to buy what they like and I am sure many people will enjoy this.

What I was hoping for didnt quite make it in the pack. No harm no foul. I just dont see myself buying it


Don’t know if it will hurt sales, but I’m guessing that most had expected them to be heat protected because of the look and title of the DLC.

A revamp of temperature system would indeed be a great thing for both armor and building pieces…

Fx having building parts that wasn’t heat or cold protected but rather made temperature effects much less or even removed them when having shelter inside them, and that you could use heat sources for that bit of extra heat in very cold areas, that would in my opinion be a much better solution.

Also for armor it would be great if we could use most if not all armor types and add insulation to them for better heat or cold protect :slight_smile:


I might also add that I have never been a fan of split stat armor. But that is preference and I would never tell a player not to buy something just because it doesnt fit with my personal preferences.

I have always supported Conan and FC both financially and verbily my entire gaming life. Considdering all but one game I played have been their titles. From Sub fees to cosmetic packs etc.

Buy what you like.

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Am I the only one here to think that cold protect (both buildings and armors) should protect from cold, but not create artificial heat?
The same way heat protection shouldn’t actively create cold…
I get frosbite by wearing my aquilonian armor in some parts of the jungle. Wearing this armor shouldn’t make me colder than being naked :upside_down_face: that’s not how physics work.

Also, will we ever get a DLC that provide building pieces that are NOT T3 frigging bricks? I bought 3 of these dlcs so far. I haven’t built any of the building pieces because for the life of me there’s nothing more dull than farming bricks in this game…


Can’t disagree, it would be a cool improvement to the temperature system and general QoL as well as adding a bit more of realism.

I’ve stepped once in a private RP with a custom mod to correct this as you say (can’t be much cooler than naked) and it was really nicely done.

Good to know… Do you remember which mod is that?

Yes of course here you are.
But please note that this is their all-changing-stuff mod so it doesn’t only affect the temperature system (also crafting, leveling, etc.).

I was just mentioning it to show that this kind of modification is possible and already done by some talented fan devs :wink: hope it will be implemented in vanilla game one day.

I see… maybe one day I’ll try RP in French sheet all :slight_smile:
But yes, one could only hope that such obvious “corrections” will be included in the game itself soon enough

You scared me for a bit there.

Doesn’t the video show “Temperature Neutral” on the info block for the building pieces?