I like the weeb DLC

Even the trailer was Weebtastic. That cringy mash-up of the Khitan music with the battle music. Charmingly cobbled together like some weekend youtuber.

I like how there are 3 different colorations and themes for Katanas.
I was totally weebing out with my badass Katanas. I was surprised at how effective it was at stagger-locking mobs tho.

It’s definitly a unique experience fighting with a katana, you can get behind an enemy quite easily… and… keeps reminding me of those anime fight scenes where the hero just dashes through an enemy, flicks his or her katana and the enemy just disassembles into sushi in the background.

I was excited to see some white in the building tile pieces. Tatami mats is something else. Fits nicely with the khitan furniture. Tho I do wish there was some Geisha face paint.

Wouldn’t mind dressing up my dancers and female guards like a buncha Geisha’s.

That being said -

Do you folks reckon we could have some more revealing armors that are cold resist ( cuz that seems to be how things work in CE) ? With tier 1 and 2 building pieces perhaps? :slight_smile:

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The kind that has a built in icebox? Also I’m not upset about one way or another if it should be heat or cold resistant, doesn’t make a lick of difference to me. My post was just trying to be funny :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve found you can kinda pull it off using the RP Aesthetics mod:

Though you’re out of luck on the kimono, hairstyle, and all the accessories. (Kinda makes me wish for like a casualwear non-armor DLC with hanfu and kimono among other things.)

I was kinda hoping at least one of the warpaint designs would be some sweet irezumi-style tattoos, but considering how big a departure that would be from everything up til now I wasn’t holding my breath. (That being said, get on that modders. Chop chop!)


“Q” is your friend, when it comes to the Katana :3

Spears are still king of accuracy and stun-locking but when it comes to style and tactics, Katana comes second to greatsword.

But Greatsword… i’m sorry. It will forever stay in my heart as number 1. There’s something sublime about re-enacting the Highlander, King Arthur, Conan, King Arthas, Berzerk and more all in one, channeled through a lovely package known as Teliths Sorrow, animated expertly by the CE Team! It’s soooo iconic

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While I have not done much with the Katana, I have seen some others use it with great effect. I love the new Naganata (SP) design for spears. I generally don’t use spears much anymore. I mainly focus on Daggers, Two Hander and Bows (Primary). I was very pleased with the Sai’s design.

As for the rest, I like the medium encumbrance armor. It look cool. I love the cool designs for the pets, but I hate collecting pets. I wish there was a way to apply the fodder to pets I already have existing. I have enough mouths to feed without having to go and get more pets.

Overall I am pleased with the pack.

Now I just need cold weather gear. All the cold weather gear have the same stats, and basically I want cold weather armor that isn’t Hyrkanian because I am an archer and wearing heavy armor makes 0 sense at all for me.

rubs chin Isn’t Zamorian Thief Armor medium, sexy like Tascha, agi and cold resist?

Thats a lil much sarcasm for the first thing to read in a day… :sweat_smile:

… Or actual tatami mats working as a carpet…
I kind of wonder you have nothing to say about these 4 different but same katanas… :thinking: :wink:

I need accuracy. Currently the only accuracy cold weather is Hyrkanian and its heavy. You cant carry anything while wearing that as an accuracy player.

There is Lemurian but it mixed Strength and Accuracy. Not super effective. I may have to try it. But its meh at best.

Zim is great and amazing looking, but not functional for my play style.

It’s amazing right now since it’s bugged to give +9 Strength AND +9 Accuracy, but… that’ll probably be fixed.

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I meant that I wish I could add the costumes or skins to pre-existing critters I have caught. But I took them out of the one. So now they are just plain. And I have a herd of animals now.

I have Fia. Maybe its time to put her to work

Gasp. Shhhhhh. This could be my go too armor now.

Just wondering. Does random NPCs also use DLC armor and weapons by any chance?

I have not noticed any as of yet but it would be a good idea. Since there are many random camps of exiles they could take various camps and re-skin them to represent the various DLC’s. It could temp people to purchase them.


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