Now that Katanas are a thing

Will there ever come more variants, than Iron and Star metal? Would love to see a Dragonbone one… Could look awesome as all hell… Perhaps even Black Ice or Serpentman, depending on whether that’d make sense of course :slight_smile:

Edit: Overall, just more variants of course… I’m seeing more and more taking a liking to Katanas, and more variety would be cool. Ancient, Steel, Hardened Steel… Whatever makes sense, I suppose :smiley: hell Acheronian too… Could probably look sick as hell.

Whats different on Katanas now?

You mean the iron only katanas? ^^
I thought about getting the yamatai dlc course there are 4 versions of katanas you can craft. Unfortunately they are all iron katanas that do 17 dmg. Not 1 iron, 1 steel, 1 hardened steel, 1 star metal and one obsidian at 60.
Basically if you like to run around as a samurai equipped with katana all the time and invest that extra 10 bucks, you must accept that you do no damage with that thing until you reach max level.

But at least you can have it in 4 different colours ^^

Well, that was my point :stuck_out_tongue: get some more variants in the different tiers, instead of just Iron and the Star Metal one! And not limit it to the Yamatai dlc either.

So I take it that this:

isn’t a thing. Darn all those Iron Katanas. They only do 17 damage… if only there were ones that do 51 damage instead…

And it doesn’t take max level cough just close.

That’s kind of the point, and it’s a problem across all DLCs. You get a decent weapon at beginner level and end game level, but there is a massive void in the middle.

Well yeah… That’s kinda the point though. If you had stuff in the middle it actually would give an advantage to the players with the DLC over the ones that don’t… Like if you had something like… this per chance :open_mouth:

Sure, there are… way better weapons… but here’s the thing about the DLC stuff… they’re typically easier to make as they don’t often require the harder to get materials.

Edit: Not to mention they’re all unlocked from the get go… assuming you have the required base feat… like for example in terms of weapons, just having the base skill for hafts for Katanas. That’s kinda a big deal when points are concerned.

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Oh and as a note, I stuck with that non-dlc Katana for most of my levels. The damage isn’t huge, but it did well enough given that secondary charge makes it hard for NPCs at least to do damage to you. If you’re going for bosses, you often want a sword and shield anyway, lest you’re grouping up.

Edit (so as not to triple post): … On second look, I actually see why I stuck with it. Despite that low rating of 26 (for a flawless) it actually does some pretty decent damage. Just took it out again for a little fun and was surprised at how much I was able to shave off in a single slice. I keep on getting reminded of why it’s so brutal xD. That and the fact the finisher on the ‘light attack’ having both a bleed and hitting like a heavy.

As for opening up more non-dlc katanas… wouldn’t that be counter-intuitive to making people want to get the DLC to begin with? Sure, there’s 2 there already, including one more powerful than the base Katana. (requiring lvl 21 rather than 10… which is fitting) and the end tier one is as powerful as the DLC one… but the point was to make you -want- to buy the DLC. Reason they added in the non-dlc variants was because the weapon didn’t already exist in the game, and as I said before, they don’t want to give DLC people an edge by providing them with something they couldn’t otherwise get without the DLC. That’s why you don’t see their other weapons/shields in non-dlc. They already exist.

There is a special katana out there, but only on testlive so far. Legendary loot chest version. I’m confident they will add other varieties soon.


Why not just require a couple other epic weapons feats to let you craft a version of whatever DLC items you have using high end materials?

A starmetal Katana (level 60, 49 damage) is already included in the “Warrior Mod”. It got the Katana paces. I tried my best to be “The Bride” and even made a yellow armour. But it’s a sorry thing, as even two Hyenas will have a fun time trashing your face.

I guess it’s alright to behead a few lone Darfari with an epic weapon. But anything what flanks or swarms will kindly rip off your bum.

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I meant more like a star metal or dragonbone version of all dlc weapons.

Still saying you’d be defeating the point of the DLC if you just give it to people without the DLC. As it sits, you can already gift DLC items to people without it, just someone else has to make it for you. I mean I wouldn’t object to more variety within the DLC… but it’s hard to really justify non-dlc versions of what is… a DLC item. The only reason they added non dlc katanas is so that people with said dlc wouldn’t have an edge over those without by having access to an item that they can’t have.

And unfortunately it’s not so easy to just ‘give the non dlc people less powerful ones or different design ones.’ funny thing about design is that different styles appeal to different people. Now you’ve got a neat non-dlc version of the Katana that someone with the DLC likes… well now they might feel as though they were unfairly conned out of their money. And in terms of less powerful ones for non-dlc… again not something you can just… do as it upsets the power balance, which is why both the base game star metal Katana and the dlc ones are both equal in terms of damage.

So you would have to find some way for them to justify making non-dlc Katanas that wouldn’t short those who paid for it…

The bottom line is that DLC was always meant to be about cosmetics. The idea is that they weren’t going to put an ‘advantage’ behind a paywall so that people with the dlc would have a head up over those without. On the flip side, it was similarly about giving them something different that you couldn’t otherwise get without having the dlc. The addition of the Katana was a singularly special case in that the weapon type didn’t exist before hand. It was unique and so they had to add it to the game in order to create some semblance of fairness.

But lets take the naginata for example. It is singularly unique to the seekers of the dawn dlc in that there are no other naginatas in the game. But at the same time, it doesn’t give those with the dlc an advantage because it uses the spear as its base weapon class… that is that it functions the same as the spear… while still being unique. Now you might then argue ‘well yeah but there’s so many other types of spears or bows etc etc.’ but they are not naginatas or the Yamatai yumi bow. They’re their own thing, but it’s hard to argue a Katana as being anything BUT something hailing from the Yamatai.

Having said all that… it does sort of give me an idea in that… perhaps I suppose it might be possible to create a weapon that was NOT a Katana but functioned similarly. That is, a different type of two-handed sword not currently in the game that could be handled similarly. This would give you the play style of the Katana… without having a non dlc katana. Would an approach like this work for you?

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DLC is about money. And the fun of a sandbox game is with the mods.

Now I want to pay FunCom for DLC but there’s two issues with this. First the Steam workhop doesn’t have to drag along console players. What’s the meaning of game content if those silly consoles can’t deal with it? Second the Steam workshop cannot be beaten. Conan Exiles is a fun game and has attracted brilliant modders.

So I’m perfectly fine for FunCom to iron out a few more bugs and then move on.

I think you are mixing something up here.

The Katana is not a DLC weapon.
It is a new weapon archetype introduced with the december update. (Alongside bow revamp and other stuff)

The Yamatai DLC just contains additional skins for Katanas, wich are purely cosmetic additions, like the other DLCs introduced additional skins for spears, daggers, axes and so on.

If I remember correctly they said upon releasing the december patch that they definitely plan to add more Katana variants to the base game (without DLC) and that those are supposed to include more powerful and middle ground variants, between iron and Star Metal and above Star Metal.

It’s like with the other DLC skins, wich hardly see any use because dragonbone or serpentmen equivalents are more powerful.

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If they said that they were adding more already than I must have missed that, but I guarantee you that they added it to the game because of the DLC, which was being developed at the time, regardless of what else they intend to do with it. When they developed the Yamatai dlc, which had been in the works for a while before December, they intended to add Katanas to it. But like I said, the reason they got added in base was to prevent the DLC from having a new weapon type and thus ruining what they also said, which is that DLC items will never be pay to win, and break endgame balance… which is why they’re not… more powerful than legendary or dragon based weapons. It would give them a ridiculous advantage.

But I’m not against seeing more, I just didn’t see it as likely. But as someone already pointed out, there’s a legendary one on test live, so we will see where that goes. Personally I’d rather see something modeled on the same weapon type but be different to preserve the reason for wanting to get DLC to begin with… which is for the aesthetic. Kinda makes it pointless otherwise.

Then you use the game ones, We just use Star Metal with dam kit.
We use the feat one in between.

FFS, how is this a difficult concept?

DLC weapons have two variants. One that is iron that you can get right at the beginning and is only practical to use for a short time. One at level 60, which you cannot craft until you are level 60 and requires star metal to craft. The base game katana is an iron weapon and in the long run only slightly better than the beginner DLC katanas. If someone wants to run around being a samurai all the time right from the get go, they are going to be gimping themselves for some time during the level up process.

So you can stop feeding me that BS about star metal and damage kits. I know they exist. Everyone knows they exist. That’s not the damn point! Frankly, I’m fine with it as it is. But each and every one of you are being rather rude, to put it mildly, when you dismissively post to just use star metal. It’s not gonna do level 35 Joe Noobie one bit of good.

No one here is trying to be dismissive and both Hyborian and I pointed out that there is a stop gap in between, that being the feat one. With a damage mod kit it’s actually pretty potent. Far more so than I actually remember it being, and I’ve not invested that much into str. Does something like 36 ish? Given the other advantages it has, I’d say that it’s actually fairly decent. I took that lvl 20 blade into a fight with the Lemurian Witch queen without a shield and in that iron flawless heavy armor you get with the DLC. Now while I had a bit more health than you would, I managed to solo it without thralls/pet only using food when I did get hit… which thanks to the Katana’s abilities… was not often. Took me a little bit longer than with the star metal katana, but that’s to be expected.

My argument was that it’d be difficult to add more without either putting them behind the DLC… which would give them an advantage… or granting them to everyone… which would diminish the appeal of the DLC unless you say… changed the appearance to something -not- a Katana that functions the same. For example say… A cleaver sword. Probably a bad example, but same basic principle. Would have a primary attack like a Katana and the secondary charge… but it wouldn’t be a Katana. Like having a hardened metal sword vs the Khitan Jian for example. Same style of attack, different look. Then that could arguably be added without detracting the appeal of buying the Yamatai dlc while giving everyone dlc and non-dlc access to these middle ground weapons.

Having said all that, apparently my point is moot since they already said they were going to add more according to Gnadolin. Something I myself haven’t heard, but…

As a final note. Actually, you only need to be in your 50s to craft that blade. GRANTED it requires you to have a tier 3-4 thrall and a bit of luck… but if you find a handle in a chest or on a mob… which is I’ll admit rare… but does happen. You can actually craft the exceptional/flawless one without having the feat. GRANTED… I’m not sure it was intentional or not. So there’s that.

Edit: 32 damage, excuse me. Still, pretty decent given the fact its quick attack finisher adds a bleed AND hits like a heavy attack and can be preempted by 3 blade charges then a light attack.

That would be fine. The DLC are supposed to be largely cosmetic, but when you’ve got weapons with different mechanics like the katana in them it kind of throws a wrench into the gears. Just need some kind of filler weapon(s) to cover that space between the beginning and end of the leveling process.

BTW, it just ■■■■■■ me off when the same non-answers get repeated in a thread. Like for example if someone were to ask how to craft bread and they get told by five different people how to roast a slab of meat. It doesn’t matter if the meat is better or easier to make or whatever. That’s not the question that was asked and probably doesn’t help the person who asked it.