Need weapon for each metal

Hey, so i’m playing Conan Exiles and give the Katana a go. But, well…it’s great to implement a weapon but not give it the same chance of ehancement that are present for other weapons. Oh and Greataxe too by the way !

So why not implement them too ? Do I have to use a mod for that, really ? Because this kind of mod do exists For exemple Yamatai Exiles - Katana Family ! Or OSH Weapons. So this is my suggestion, if you want me not to use a mod for two types of weapons that should have theyr own levels of ehancement through iron to steel to hardened steel, ancient and then Stellar metal.

I really think it would be easy to do so. Even if katanas are not “great” even if there is better weapons. When thee is a unique set of craftable weapons, with unique moves, i do want to feel the same way of leveling the craft tier as any other weapons present in this game.


Is this on the new benches?

The new benches ? No there is no Steel, hardened steel and ancient tiers of katanas, at all, as there is such things for greataxes too. There is only Iron, Star metal, legendary.

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OK I understand

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