Annual request for a steel-tier short sword

So about a year ago I made a post that went like this:

I really like the short sword. It looks cool and is fun to use. But it only comes in iron tier and epic tier. It’d be nice not to have to switch to a falcata or something while waiting to make the starmetal short sword. Can we please get a steel or hardened steel short sword?

Just thought I’d bring it up again :grin:

Would be nice to have some options between the sub-iron tier DLC and epic starmetal for shortswords.

reinforced iron

Reinforced iron ? How long would you use that ?

With current leveling system, most weapons are not used lot, or very short time.Even with my urge to set my xp to 0.5 and less, i barely use many weapons, a go mostly from stone to hardened very quick.

But yes, i love the look of the short-swords, even if i use them not much, or only the starmetal or similar versions.

yeah sure, bring ‘logic’ into it. :crazy_face:

probably the reason why there are starter tier short swords then it jumps to epic tier. Why bother catering to the low or mid level when everyone is at high level.

Not everyone plays the same way. not everyone rockets to higher levels or has access to the materials required for epic tier gear when they do first reach the levels to use that tier.

There is a large gap in the quality of available crafting on short swords, so that I usually ignore the things. Is it soo bad to agree that i’d like to see that gap narrowed? Do I think it will happen? no, not really.

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I understand very well your desire, no worries !

I tried many times to slow down the leveling process, simply because i enjoy survive, small bases, camping mods and much more.
But even if i set nearly all very low, leveling is still very fast, no matter what. In a few days at last you’re again at lvl 60, no need to even enter a single dungeon for that if you don’t wish.
I made games where only stone weapons where allowed, this also could be lot fun if done in the right way.

The thing is, most players want end-game content, and as fast as possible, and will rush to max lvl.
Very understandable on a harsh pvp server, maybe less if you’re in pure survival mood.

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As a consequence of the rapid leveling to 60, I run with leveling mods to extend the cap, as well as EEWA to provide a higher level set of goals to strive for (weapons, armor, etc)

My recent EL character has barely left the starter zone (base on the river) and just hit 60 while building a base outside Sepermaru. haven’t been to the jungle, or the highlands, much less anything further north. Haven’t run any dungeons beyond the dregs. Haven’t even been as far north as the summoning place… so, i agree, leveling is fast. Too fast to really enjoy the lower level stuff for long.

Probably one of the reasons I start over relatively often.

That being said, a steel and hardened steel version of the short sword would be of immense benefit for characters such as mine, who out level the low level version but haven’t access to the higher end materials.


You… you guys know you don’t have to use level appropriate stuff right? You can be level 60 and run around with stone weapons, no one has a gun to your head :grin:

Joking aside, it’s true, there are lots of different playstyles. The reason I ask for a steel short sword is that I play as a solo survivalist/nomad (even on PvP) and rarely have a well-stocked base. Without clan mates it’s much more of a pain to maintain high level weapons. You have to keep going back to your base for thralls to repair them, getting starmetal isn’t easy, you gotta be prepared to go to the snow to get black ice, etc. I’ll tool up with my best stuff if I have a mission like a dungeon or a raid, but I just find that most of the time when I’m wandering and scouting the map, steel weapons are the most efficient. I can fix them with stuff I find, and if I’m high strength they do decent enough damage to kill easy stuff or escape danger. The short sword is my favourite weapon I think, so I’m selfishly asking for a steel one!


in my other solo game, on Siptah, I think i was level 80 before I was able to upgrade beyond steel reliably (again, using extended level caps)

I ran around with a leg as my primary weapon until sometime after level 30. I got a kick out of it!

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Anyway, once you start adding mods, you enter the restart over cycle.
Experimented in CE like in many other games.

Sure, i used also leveling mods, especially if you play alone, it’s more immersive than reset points and feats all the time. But problem remain similar.

It’s not selfish, don’t worry !
I like weapons lot myself, and will run to get most just to have them in my collection, mostly using still the same well trusted ones.

I know, it’s easy to get and maintain early weapons, and once you know how do your run, you can do it a long time with basic ones. Maintenance alone can quickly become very grindy, and not so fun. Also looted weapons can do the trick very well if you’re bit lucky.
Did lately an elarium short sword, i know, it’s hight-end, not iron. :wink: But it’s looks great, the anims are nice, but to be honest, in combat my preference goes elswhere still.

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