More weapons anyone?

So here you are, you made your stone two handed sword, feeling like a BAMF, five minutes later you’re ready for more, more damage output, more shiniest to run around with and swat at every animal you pass by. You’re use to the two hand, you like the two hand, let’s see when I can make the iron two hand… ah lvl 21. I feel like it’s a huge leap and there should be something in between stone and iron. To keep with the two handed sword example you jump from 18 dmg to 32 I think it was when you get to iron. Throw something in there in between.

Only problem I see with weapons that might warrant more, is level gapping inbetween specific weapons.

So for optimal damage output you have to switch playstyles every few levels to keep it up, that or stick with the older weapon and shuck out less dmg, thought not necessarily significant.

So for instance if I only want to use battle axes because I like their play style, I’m going to see a gap in between the one I have, and the next one, while having the opportunity to switch to a sword that does slightly more damage in between.

If we see more weapons I’d like to see them more solid tiers, and less feeling like I have to switch to a new weapon and a new combo set just to keep dmg at my lvl.

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