Levels for iron weapons

Similarly to armour, your weapon choice is usually based on your play style. With this in mind, I tried recommending a two-handed iron sword to a friend, as opposed to the iron broadsword. Only to find out that the broadsword is level 10, while the two-handed is level 21. Now, I get there being some level differentiation with the weapons… but that seems a little extreme for the sake of not being able to hold a shield and doing more damage, vs the opposite. Also, considering they’re the same “tier” of weapon: iron.


There are three one-handed iron swords. The two-handed iron sword is stronger than the third iron one-hander, so it wouldn’t make sense to lower the level on it.

There’s a two-handed stone sword at level 8 that’s stronger than the level 10 one-handed iron sword. The damage on the weapon plus you get more bonuses from strength with two-handers.

I do see what you mean. But a one handed allows for the use of shield in the off-hand, which would make it relatively on-par with the two handed. There ought to be some level difference and the two handed should be stronger, but I feel like it shouldn’t be over 10 levels apart. Especially since you are able to unlock higher tier armour and tier 2 shields (making the one handed even more beneficial). On the other hand, you can’t unlock steel until level 30, so perhaps that is why.

Yeah I understand what you mean too.

I think a good solution would be to add in a lower-tier two-handed iron sword.
All the one-handed weapons have multiple styles for both iron and steel. Two-handers should get at least one more each.

Yeah you could go with the level 15 spear, but sometimes people just want to use their preferred weapon type instead of being forced to use something else.

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I’m with you there. It would be awesome if they created DLCs with new weapon styles for weapons/fighting styles at different levels. Like how we have the sword, cutlass, flacata etc.

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