Difference Between Iron and Steel Tools

I just build steel tools, very expensive, and only get 1-2 more then with iron tools. Is that normal? I did expect that steel is much better so it should give much more resources. Especially because steel is so expensive in relation to iron tools. Or is stell only better because it is faster hand holds a bit longer before it breaks?

actually if you upgrade the tool you will get more than that :slight_smile: just a quick hint.

Its a 50% increase over Iron.

Even on a 1x server, the yield from steel tools makes it worth it to invest. Though it can be tough to ease into if your iron reserves are low when you first make them.

That is correct. Each tier only adds 1 to the previous tier. I think stone is 3-4. Iron 4-5. Steel 5-6. Hardened 6-7. Black Ice 7-8. Star Metal 8-9.

That may be off, as in Star Metal may be 7-8 and Obsidian is 8-9. With tool up grades, that can add 1, 2 or 3 to those amounts. I did the testing a while back on Test server, so these numbers are from memory. I just remember that 12 was the largest we could harvest now.

Now, this seems like quite the nerf, but I think that they are trying to balance with the survival perk that lets you harvest twice as fast. What that perk does is actually lets you harvest twice as much per swing, but does not add any actual resources. If an Iron node lets you swing 5 times for 12 per swing, you will now harvest 24 per swing the first two, and 12 on the last one, or average 20 per swing.

In the old method, I think you could harvest 18 a swing, but probably 20 a swing if we had obsidian. (If memory serves me correctly). Of course, you are now going through nodes almost twice as fast, so even with the survival skill, it is a bit of a nerf.

I have been playing on x1 for a while now, and it is slightly annoying, but livable.

As far as steel tools vs Iron specifically though, if you farm thralls in the north at all, you will be swimming in steel. I have yet to smith a single steel bar so far at lvl 40, and have enough reinforcements for a castle.