Efficacy Vs. Reinforcement

Has anyone crunched the numbers on Efficacy Vs. Reinforcement upgrades to tools? Is one better then the other by any significant margin? I’ve always just reinforced my stuff so I don’t need to fix it as often. However now something has me thinking. Do I get more if the tool lasts longer or do I get more from getting more?

reinforcement combine with 2nd survival, otherwise i would bet that efficacyis better

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You don’t get more from the 2nd survival perk you just get it all faster. So wouldn’t efficacy multiply the 2nd survival perk making you get even more?

I do tool upgrade, and 2nd perk. The 2nd perk helps offset repair resources due to durability loss. If you do reinforcement, it will give slightly reduced returns and take longer in time technically to get what you need form mining. 2 times the strikes basically.

i don’t know, it reduce the impact on the tool, if they are stronger it can’t be bad, you can pickaxe more

Are you repairing via bench, with thrall/no thrall or with repair kit?

The top level (hardened steel) efficacy adds 50%. My star-metal pickaxe gets me 22-24 stone each schwing.

The 3rd perk on survival backfires for rare drops. It looks like corpses got a loot budget and a fixed roll on hit for rare drops. If you use the 3rd survival perk you expend the loot budget faster, resulting in less rolls for rare drops.


Is that true? It only gives like 50-150 durability to begin with, so reinforcement upgrades would be a horrible choice if they also lower harvest rate.

They don’t lower the rate. But i think the tool upgrade is like a slight boost (10%???). And surv 2 takes half as many strikes. Brimstone in 1 strike instead of 2, other nodes in like 2-3 if i am not mistaken. It takes roughly 15-20 minutes for me to run thru gods claw with the 2nd suv, and tool upgraded star metal to get 19,000 Iron ore. compared to 35 minutes+ without the surv 2.


Ah ok. I’ve never taken the survival skill. It sounds like it can save a lot of time.

2nd survival perk works for speed… gives double rate.so u gather faster, but because all r relative to timeframes, it depends on ur playtime. If ur aim is lets say 10k stone and u gather at double rate u will finish it in half time than without the perk. So tecnically u gather the same amount for each node (except sicle ones-they need one swipe to be gone), but in reality if u spent the same time u will gather twice the quantity than someone not having the perk. To get an idea an average gather rate on my obsidian pick with tool upgrade (advanced) is 25 (24-26 per swing) while it completely breaks at 9k stone (independent if I hit one or multiple nodes ar once). In order to gather 40k stone I need 1600 swings if I hit a single node. Without the 2nd perk u need double this time (as swings have same time non depending on stats or tools). So in order to save time and effort, u need to get the 2nd perk and find a place where u hit multiple nodes at once ( yes volcano is a great place for this).
The 3rd survival perk applies on animals only so u only need it when u harvest food resources. I d say 21 survival in a harvester build is more than enough (as u can hit 30 with a flawless survival armour anytime u need) but u do not get a great deal more to waste more points there (in my opinion)


At high level, with best tools, efficiency add 20% more resource gained from a single node, reinforcement upgrade grants a longer lasts better than +20% of original durability of the tool.

But that’s the point: obviously if you want to mine meteors in a single run you’ll never be out of durability at all, so its always better to have a pick with efficacy upgrade on it.
Same for brimstone or Crystal because you’ll never find a field to mine so huge you’ll have any advantage from reinforcement without losing a LOT of your time waiting respawns.

If you want to farm stone/wood/iron nodes ?

The problem is: your time value more than any resource when you’re high level: too many things to do to waste it. When you’re low level your material resources are more important than your time because you have not tons of them.

Efficacy upgrade save 20% of your time so is imho best choice at high level (if you play PvE or PvE-Conflict and you love build you’ll never have enough hardened bricks). More and faster.

If you are low level that’s not the case, best tools you can have was made probably in valuable resources for you, so use reinforcement because they grant a better result / cost.


For the purposes of my question I don’t care about time. What I’m after is the life of the tool. If you add more durability then the tool lasts longer and will harvest more over time then without it. If you add efficiency then you will gather more per swing then without it. What gives more per single life of a tool?

I can tell u with certainty, that obsidian tool with efficiency tool add on breaks at 9k stone (cannot remember its hp though as efficiency add on lowers the base hp). Will test the same pick with durability add on and will post results tonight

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