Tool Efficiency vs. Tool Durability Upgrade

So I asked this before a few months ago people tried to help but I didn’t get the answer I was looking for. I blame my wording not the people so I’m going to try to word it better.

You just made your character… Your naked in the desert talking to a rock… Someone offers you 1 of 2 picks. One has the hardened steal level tool efficiency and the other has the equivalent durability upgrade. What is better? What will get you more for the life of the pick? Assuming you can’t repair it and use it until it breaks.

Assuming that the kits used are advanced tool upgrade and advanced reinforcement kit, it’s better to choose the one with the reinforcement kit.

The advanced tool upgrade increases the harvesting power by 3 and reduces the durability to 75% of its original value. The advanced reinforcement kit increases the durability by 150. For all the picks in the game, you will get better yield over the lifetime if you can use the tool additional 150 times than if you can only use the tool 75% as long as normal but with the harvesting power increased by 3.

So if your goal is to maximize the yield over lifetime, pick the advanced reinforcement kit. If your goal is to maximize the harvesting speed, pick the advanced tool upgrade.


Hardened steel pick with adv reinforcement gets you 4500 stone in 750 swings.

Efficiency gets you 4050 in 450 swings.

I would choose efficiency.

I was looking for lifetime of the tool assuming that the tool can’t be fixed for what ever reason. So thank you Code that is what I was looking for.

Game, set, match.

Personally I prefer to maximize harvesting speed, since it allows me to get more done in less amount of RealTime™ (my number one commodity, bar none), but obviously it depends how difficult it is to craft Hardened Steel, which will vary depending on server and location.

I don’t care about speed. I want to get the most from my tool before it breaks. I always go packmule build. I just mine until my tool has 1 durability left and then go home.

You get to choose, and you know which answer is which, but think of it this way: would you prefer to work 1 hour for $20, or 1.5 hours for $22?

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This is my number one priority as well. I keep loads of legendary repair kits handy and use them on the fly for repairs so that I spend as little time harvesting as possible with the equivalent of unlimited durability. Before getting a purge blacksmith, farming the UC for weapons and fragments gave me a big enough supply but once you get the purge smith, repair is trivial. The number one skill in this game from my perspective is time management; how fast can you improve and base build relative to everyone else. If repairing is trivial, durability is irrelevant.

Also at @CodeMage
IF you ignore one thing at the tool, then durability kit is better :thinking:

Really?!?! :smiley: :smiley:
You cant just ignore or exclude the fact, that you can repair ALL tools in the game.

This is like saying, if you ignore stamina Sword of Crom is the best weapon for a player.

So in a strange made up scenario, the durability kit would be better.

In the real world, the tool efficiency is way better.
@Anglinex You use a packmule build, but cannot take some repair kits with you?

The horse players play the game in a really strange way /SCNR :smiley:

What’s about brimstone?
You have just a defined amount which you can harvest. So I would use the efficiency in this case.

In the case of brimstone, neither kit is better, it’s all about the oil.

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But the oils took a little nerf, with the wind-up speed and the strange new pick-axe swing.

Also swaping pick-axes needs also time. But when I really farm for sth, I use the oils. But thats really rare. I get enough stuff from looting…

Well, yes. @Anglinex framed the question in a very precise, specific way and I answered his precise, specific question. :man_shrugging:

And I think I understand what he’s really trying to ask. The way I see it, this isn’t about not being able to repair the tool. It’s about a different optimization goal.

Most of us want to minimize the time spent on farming. But what if you didn’t care about time as much as how many repair kits (or repair materials) you had to use?

Again, I personally value time more, but optimization trade-off questions like this one don’t look weird to me. Occupational hazard :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its hard for me on that premise as repair kits are “time spent differently”… I’m too close to this…

Use godbreaker boots or the nemedian helmet + environmental dmg (or food poisining), if time is not the problem but repairing :wink:

@darthphysicist As the only place to get a good amount of kits is UC, I mostly farmed there because of the weapons and not the kits.
Now I have 1 chest FULL of legendary weapon kits and another full chest with legendary armor patch kits…
And 2 other chests where the first row is already full with one of the kits.

How come I dont need that many kits? I dont use a full legendary armor set. Just some pieces and my companion thrall has (big surprise) godbreaker boots on them :wink:

And I swap weapons with my thrall…

I don’t stop at brimstone. I start walking in a direction and harvest everything in my path like a swarm of locust with tools. :rofl:

Two words: Purge Blacksmith

There are about… 5? Chests in the Unnamed city that give out legendary repair kits like it’s free candy. Most people only know about two of them so I tend to get them to the point of ridiculousness.

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Oh, I only know 3. Could you share the locations?

Only have purge alchemist and armorer… was close before purge at Xmas and then didnt play for some time. Now I am back at the beginning… :frowning: