Simple Tool Upgrade Kit lowering tool durability?

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
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What is it supposed to do ? Why is it lowering the durability of the tool ?
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The wiki description said -> Applying this simple upgrade to a tool will increase its harvesting capacity slightly.

I expect it would increase the damage, but instead it lowers durability ? is it a bug or intended ?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Create Iron Pick Axe and keep in mind its durability figure (300)
  2. Create Simple Tool Upgrade Kit
  3. Drag [Simple Tool Upgrade Kit] to [Iron Pick Axe]
  4. Check the durability is then lowered to 225 from 300.

not a bug.

for me it’s working as intended, for information, any upgrade item lower durability one it is apply to an item except the one that up durability

This is intended. Increases tool effectiveness, while lowering durability 25%.
single player w/ 1x harvest rate, Advanced tool kit upgrade used on tools.
Obsidian pick w/o tool kit = 9 items per hit
Obsidian pick w/ tool kit = 12 items per hit

Hardened steel pick w/o = 6-7
Hardened steel pick w/ = 9-10

Black Ice pick w/o = 7-8
Black ice pick w/ = 10-11.

Yep, exactly this. Don’t worry though, it’s always best to use tool upgrades. The additional resources more than makes up for the increased rate at which you need to repair.

Tool upgrades give +1 to gathered resources per tier.

Simple Tool Upgrade = +1
Tool Upgrade = +2
Advanced Tool Upgrade = +3

This effectively increases the tier of your tool.
For example, Steel tools get +1 over Iron, Hardened Steel gets +2 over iron, etc.

So an iron pick with an advanced tool upgrade will gather resources just as well as an un-upgraded Star Metal pick. Both will gather 7-8 stone per strike.

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ok thanks for the info, I’ll upgrade my tools with this then