That's not a longsword

Could you please rename the longswords? A longsword is a two-handed blade, not one-handed. Call them arming swords, war swords, broadswords, or even just swords. Just please rename them.

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It’s entirely accurate, Yes though longswords are mostly considered two handed swords there is plenty of evidence out there in historical documents that show it can be wielded with one hand, especially with a shield. There are many types of longswords. So the name seems to be pretty accurate for the game.


“Longsword” is a broad category that does include many one-handed swords.
It’s being used appropriately here.


Hehe crocodile Dundee “ Mick he’s got a knife!””that’s not a knife, now this is a knife.”:dagger:
But seriously the Italian and German schools of swordsmanship both taught one handed long sword fighting and dual welding using a misericorde eventually morphed into the rapier and later the hand and a half swords,while two handed techniques led to the great sword and ■■■■■■■ swords, zweihander , wodao,katana and claymore
They even used the cross guard as a hammer swinging it by the blade.hell Vikings even shot em like spears
It was originally two handed Which employed mostly defensive and thrusting
But seeing as the average longsword was later only 2-4 lbs and not the unyieldy early Scottish versions why wouldn’t a huge barbarian use one handed styles as it would improve reach drastically whilst still enabling them to use a shield.
When romans started using the Spanish made Gladius it really sealed the fate of 2 handed sword fighting
The shield wall was incredibly effective technique that started group fighting vs the old one on one pair off battles.
But I guarantee masters of the sword have used it any way you can think of and a few you probably have not .
Sorry . Love swords


I can use a rifle in one hand too, that doesn’t mean it’s the best use of the weapon. A katana is designed for use in two hands as well. Can you use it in one? Of course, although you would be better off using a dedicated single handed weapon. The longer hilt on the longsword tends to bind single handed use.

As a HEMA instructor for over a decade, I’m sorry, but I’m going to go with my thirty years of combat experience over someone reading wiki and RPG manuals.

I’m not pointing fingers, however, I understand what I mentioned happens all too often.

Cheers, folks.

Unfortunately thirty years of combat experience does not change the fact that some one-handed swords have been classified as "longswords’ for hundreds of years. A rapier being one such example.

You may prefer that to not be the case, but opinions alone don’t change reality, or history.

If a sword smith calls it a longsword, I’d have to agree.

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That’s a fantasy blade. There’s nothing historical accurate about it. Sorry, mate. But you’ve only proven my point even more.

So if a smith creates a revolver and calls it a shotgun, does it make it a shotgun?

That blade doesn’t even tell you what the metals used for there Damascus steel is made of.

A rapier isn’t a longsword, it’s closer akin to an epee or foil.

I’m not going to continue this sham. You’ve clearly proven you’ve gotten your information from pop culture not historical analysis.


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who told you a rapier is a longsword. it may have a longer blade but it is a rapier.

A Longsword is a very long sword. While it can be used with one hand (the smaller ones) it is not as effective. Much like grabbing a sword by the blade and thrusting is not as effective has using two hands normally. It is situational.

When you literally have a Sword called 2H sword and a separate fairly small sword that is a broadsword or arming sword in style. It would make sense to name it properly.


Conan is a fantasy setting set in a Steel Age period 11,000 years prior to the medieval period and about 1000 years before the Stone age even started.

As such I think some liberties can be taken as annoying as they may be.

Guess it’s just the purist in me.


“The longsword is commonly held in combat with both hands, though some may be used single-handed.”
Directly from HEMA yet a HEMA instructor argues otherwise. Yeah, replying here is pointless.

HEMA also cites the Oakeshott Typology and says “The typology also focuses on the smaller, and in some cases contemporary, single-handed swords like the arming sword.”

“It is in the Types XIIa and XIIIa that the first early variants of the longsword arise as simply longer versions of the single-handed sword. There are rare archeological findings of swords of this type from as early as the late 12th century.”

A sham indeed.

Nope, but Daniel Watson creates some of the best swords in the world so I believe him to be knowledgeable on the subject. There are info pages that describe the materials and process used to make his swords.

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It’s something I read a long time ago. Rapiers were sometimes referred to as “long swords” in the 15th or 16th century, though I personally would never use that term when talking about a rapier.

correct me if im wrong but doesnt a longsword fall into the cat of a hild and a half or hand a half sword?


Again, you’re proving me right. I never said they couldn’t be used in one hand, I mentioned how it’s not as effective. You’re the one that stated that there were examples specifically designed for single handed use.

You’ve, yet again, proven me correct by going to websites and copying what you’ve read. Only this time, what you’ve copied agrees with me, not you.

I’ve been courteous, thus far. But this tread needs to be severed. It’s drifted exponentially from its original roots.

If you wish to continue spewing your bile, be my guest. I, however, will not continue into this infantile stupidity.

It’s between the length of an arming sword and longsword. Hence the name.

(The name bastardsword, that is.)


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ah yes the ■■■■■■■ sword, a personal fav along with rapiers and falcions

haha got censored for a legit non curse word how pathetic

Why I coupled the two words together, mate.


That is really hostile. He has just been trying to use sources to prove his argument. That is a normal thing to do. Yes people tend to go to the internet. I can say I’m a 13th century time traveller. That isn’t a source nor a valid rhetorical technique. It is browbeating and it isn’t useful. It is basically do what I say because I say so. It isn’t helpful.

While I agree with you as the accepted terminology is a Longsword to the best of my knowledge is one that is either a hand and a half or a full two hand sword and is usually though not always at least 5ft from Pummel to Tip. (which would be a long sword for a fairly short person really)

However these terms were mostly coming from more modern thinking. Longsword itself may not have been used in the middle ages and may be a more modern term coming form the German for the Long sword fighting style which was a two handed fighting style.

As I mentioned of course this game is not a Medieval game as such Medieval Terminologies don’t need to apply. For example the Spatha is sometimes referred to as a long sword. Celtic Swords with 2-3ft blades are also referred to as long swords both are single handed weapons.

While you maybe a HEMA instructor of course that means you focus on a period that is fairly recent. 13th century at the earliest iirc. The term long sword was in use prior to Medieval period. While I disagree with ExNihiloish about the usage he is right in the sense that historically (beyond just the Medieval period) the term Long sword does cover a wide range of swords and does include single handed weapons.

The difference being Long Sword two words describing a sword and Longsword a single word classification.

It would be much better if the game used Long Sword over Longsword given the Hyborian Age period it is used. However I’m not familiar enough with Howard’s work. If he used Longsword as a term for a 1H sword being as historically it takes place in 10,000 BCE then it would be the right usage to the setting even if it is not correct in the medieval sense.


Attacking me personally for proving that two-handed swords and some one-handed swords are both in the same category seems like quite the unwarranted hostility. Perhaps instead of doling out juvenile insults you could attempt to show even a single shred of evidence that you are indeed correct.

I’m pretty open-minded; if I’m ever proven wrong, I’ll accept that. But for now, I haven’t been able to find anything stating that longswords are only designed to be two-handers and you haven’t even attempted to back up your claims, you just hurl insults.

But like others have stated, this is a fantasy game. Even the most basic things in this game are far from realistic (such as the systems around eating, drinking, sleeping, etc). So whether you’re right or not, there’s absolutely no reason for them to change the name.

For your edification.
A history of swords. (non-fiction).

Never mind this debate is over a fictional weapon dated to an age long before the Bronze Age.
10000 years (give or take) BCE.