That's not a longsword

Lol good point
Why? Because Crom says so that’s why!

The best thing in life is to crush your enemies see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women and to do it holding a longsword with one hand “Priceless”

I have to admit, that made me laugh.

I was overly hostile, and I do apologize for it. Go back over what you’ve written and you’ll see my frustration.

You quote what is written on a fantasy website, yet word it in such a way that it comes across as your personal view.

You claim certain longswords to be designed for one handed use, when you didn’t find any, you switched to the idea of simply being able to use them single handed, which was my point originally.

You’ve come across as very disingenuous. As for not providing proof, what is proof? A website you agree with, a person you admire, or experience? I first though you were simply misinformed; later, a troll.

You have HEMA articles that are stating exactly what I’ve been saying. So I don’t know what else you’re looking for.

Again, apologies for my outburt. Combat has been my life since I was 4. So when someone comes across as an arrogant child (just mentioning for reference), it gets my German blood boiling.


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A problem with reading someone’s words without hearing them, I suppose.

I never quoted a fantasy website. I linked a real sword by a real swordsmith. It has nothing to do with whether I admire him or not, it has to do with him being one of the best swordsmiths in the world, and that’s not just my opinion. His swords have broken many world records.

What I quoted from HEMA explicitly states that some one-handed swords are in the same category as two-handed swords.

The only reason I linked or quoted anything is because on the internet simply saying “I have experience” is utterly meaningless.

I find it personally sad that two people so interested in swords, swordplay, and smithing would spend so much effort trying to disagree rather than focus on the rare chance that in this whole world we seldom run into other people that are truly enthusiastic about the things we love. I do a lot of historic re-enactment and go to a fair amount of sci-fi/fantasy conventions and of course there are some arguments and debates, but mostly we’re all so happy to find like-minded souls that we overlook the small differences.

I know you have no reason to do me any favors, but if you’re feeling charitable, perhaps just as an experiment you could each post a positive personal story involving swords that just makes you happy and doesn’t have to do with proving anyone right? You might make a friend. Just an idea…

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Seeing as how I’ve recanted and voiced my opinion as to why it seemed thus, and he spat in my face, chances of that are slim.

Claiming to be open-minded all the while being blinded by his own hypocrisy. I enjoy a good debate with knowledgeable individuals, yet those whom search for ways to simply be right, either by changing their original view, or citing source that agree with them (or both, in this case). No, I’ve no respect for such people.

You seem like a kindly sort, and I’d have no issue discussing such topics, if it interests you. Sadly, thy will shall not be done this day.


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Here’s my “happy” story (reason for quotes isn’t disrespectful, simply a matter of opinion on what constitutes happy).

Had my first Glima fight at four years old, I won first place and for a prize my grandfather bought me my first migration period sword, he thought it was a Norse (viking) sword, but I didn’t care. He had it made by a local smith of 1055 carbon steel edge with a spring steel core. He died less than a week later, but I still have that blade hung over an alter to honor his memory.

That’s a great story… one of my favorite swords is a weird “replica” that a relative got me at a ren faire or something like that. It’s clearly not accurate, but I love that they were doing something nice for me and trying to understand what was to them a very strange hobby for a teenage girl (at the time).

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I would have been perfectly happy to discuss things in a civil manner and if OP had opted to divulge some of his great wisdom on the topic, I would have enjoyed reading and learning. But instead all I got were insults and slander. That’s just the way it is sometimes. No hard feelings at all.

Naw guys, you’re supposed to grip the blade with both hands so you can jab the blade into the cracks in the armor, or swing it like an axe while gripping the blade so the cross-guard dents & damages the armor.



Skallagrim is a true friend, in all actuality.

I have to admit, before I watched the half-swording video I thought it was going to be satire. That was interesting.

Very instructive video, thanks for the link and thanks to the author of the video.
Just a pity it was not a true plate armor he was hitting though.
So i’m only half convinced so to say :smiley:
But i did learn some interesting things here.