Please nerf the raw damage on wooden weapons . .

. . . and buff their KO damage so we can use them as an alternative for the truncheon.


Me and my mate use it as intended: we have an arena and we use them to fight, naked, it’s funny to train with them, so I want they stay the way their are now :wink:


You would still be able to duel with them.

if they nerf the damage lowering them to 1 as a truncheon it will be unplayable, our training matches are to death. :smiling_imp:

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You could use wooden ones for practice and iron ones for duels to the death.

Apply the best Blunted upgrade to a wooden sword, and it can be used as an alternative to truncheons. Well, sometimes fatalities happen, but such is life (or the end of life, as it happens to be). They’re already the lowest-damage weapons of their type, right?

Use blunted Javalin, trust me you won’t be having a Issue after this always carry 2 iron and your good. Give it a try and maybe use the Javalin as a weapon as well not blunted but they can be used in water when you chase down someone heheh. Or someone logs off in water during PvP times hehehehe free stuff. Careful though I am spec’d in to strength and accidental killed Freya by doing too much damage before she was knocked out.


Yeah, that’s the problem.


Your funny I like you. Lol everyone has there own preferences I stopped using steel club because I find the Javalin to be superior even with out a knockout mod-kit want me to join server and knock out everyone for you with my superior Javalin skills! Accidents may occur, lmfao but it had only happened once I haven’t had that issue more than once though. I think it was due to 10% more damage from light attacks being active, which I spec’d down to deactivate that.

Also a T3-4 thrall with a steel knockout club with a mod-kit to increase knockout damage will work best honestly you won’t even have to worry watch them 2-3 hit most T4 and 1 hit T3 and lower most of the time, its hilarious!

Except you take them into the unnamed city to grab a treasure thrall, and they home in on the skull enemy, which can’t be knocked out, and if you switch their weapon, they just stop attacking entirely.

Sure I can use them, as well as you could use a truncheon or the predatory blade to knock out npcs you want to capture.

Nor me nor you are missing of alternative tools for these tasks.

The point is just you’ld love to use them as truncheons, I like to use them as training weapons. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t we be happy all of us if they’ll ADD a new truncheon in shape of some kind of wodden weapon ?

I am missing alternatives. I don’t have any option for knocking out thralls with a longsword or greatsword moveset.

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I totaly agree with you, javelin got sooooo much damage output (especialy if you spam the first hit) it’s basicaly one of the best weapon type now, fun thing is that it’s still balance due to low reach and AOE absence.

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Yes, you can use predatory blade as I said.

That’s only half a move set.

As you wish, but the point is: suggest to add the truncheon you like with the moves you want, why do you want we lose our toys ?

They serve no other practical purpose, and even if they get change to KO tools, they can still be used for RP training duels.

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Actually enslave a thrall with a single weapon in their hand and or a single weapon and shield when you give this to them they don’t stop attacking it seems that there is a issue with the type of weapon they are thralled with, if they have a spear and you give them a single handed club they stop attacking for some reason so your right.

Even the low stamina consumed is low as heck!