No Yamatai styled one handed AGI weapon?

Tried to find an agility weapon that’s one handed for my yamatai character… after some fiddling with the thaumaturgy bench and spawning things in…
I found out there isn’t any. Can’t apply the yamatai Assassins Blade appearance to any existing shortsword, which kind of feels disappointing to me.
The only shortswords out there are either gladiuses or big ol’ clunkers, both simply don’t fit the style.
Heck, i would even accept the tetsubo skin on a shortsword but i’m honestly kind of disappointed the one handed Yamatai Assassins Blade isn’t an agility weapon to begin with!
Am i just being picky or have i overseen something?

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Yamatai DLC existed before the Shortsword was added. Its why we don’t have Aquilonian Shortswords too.

Still… a wakizashi with shortsword animations and being agility based would be pretty nifty.


I use curved blade for my skin.

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This one would like to take the opportunity to refresh their suggestion that weapon skins be categorized by one handed (short or “long” swords) and two handed (greatswords or Katanas) for swords.

We can already swap illusions between hemp hobo shirts and Cavalier Curiasses, so the PvP surprise element is far from the worst of things.


I wish the Yamatai 2 handed maul was also a tetsubo, or a bo staff.

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