Agility weapons lack mounted combat

Now that weapons are devided into strength and agility, all melee weapons that can be drawn on horseback are strength scaling.

easiest solution could be to either switch over pikes to agility scaling or reusing their mounted attack animation to use with javelins, maybe even both.


Its not ideal to have most of the weapons strength I agree. The thing with the Agility weapons though is they are all short compared to Strength weapons. Shortswords, Daggers & Javelins.

They couldnt really copy paste the animations as they’d either have much bigger hitboxes then they should or they’d be very hard to hit things with.

Ultimately they’d have to make new animations were we lean off the side of the mount significantly to be able to hit stuff with such short weapons. It’d might look funny, but I’m all for more variety.

I cant see pikes as a agi weapon, maybe a shortspear weapon type could be added(longer than javelins i can see someone commenting that already)

1h Swords on the other hand, i could see those going either way

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Yeah, you are right, daggers and punching daggers are too short to be used on horseback. Shortswords against their name are as big and long as longswords ingame and the way the character holds a pike when mounted doesn’t use a longer heft than a javelin has.

only AGI weapons that slipped my mind are katanas, they are defenitely long enough and could do with the same animation as longswords.

My suggestion to switch pikes or reuse anims is to get a fast solution that can fit the 3.0 release. Would be a shame for AGI users to find out the only effective weapon from horseback is a bow.

Bows originally scaled with Accuracy and that is now part of Agility. My reasoning is, that all thrusting weapons could as well scale with Agility since they would need you to be accurate. Shortswords, javelins and punching daggers already use a lot of thrusts anyway.

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The only effective use of a bow on horseback is charged shots. Reticule spread on movement doesn’t get reduced anymore and only a charged shot actually goes where you want it. Any other shot goes flying off wildly.

the only weapon i see as possible are katanas.

would be nice to make them viable.





makes it so number 1

As someone that has used a 2H spear in a competitive way. It is defo more of an agility weapon. Because unlike most weapons. Once you’re past the little bit of metal at the end, it’s just a stick :joy:

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So I was playing around with an agility melee build and was surprised that you could not use javelins while on a horse? Seems odd that you cannot when you consider that spears, axes, swords, etc can be used while mounted.

That’s very realistic. And good to hear

And I suggested for balancing that the claw weapons be moved to strength so that the type of weapons in each don’t change. We will see.

Older thread here

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Did some research and javelins were used by a number of armies from horseback back in ancient times. Honestly if the game allows swords and axes to hit foot targets then no reason why a javelin shouldn’t (the javelin being longer). Allowing a light “poking” and heavy throw attack would be historically realistic.

That being said I never really paid attention to javelins in the game in the past but decided they could serve a useful role while on horseback. Found myself scratching my head when I found out you could not use them.

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It would be cool to see the javelin moveset usuable on horseback, I would also like to see it revised in general, it’s really bad atm.

Personally I don’t want spear in agility, it’s clear that agility is the stronger stat as it gives movement speed and hyper armour, and the final agility perk is insane.
Having spears on strength atleast hobbles peoples builds a little bit.


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