Agility Weapons Choices Feel Lacking Compared To Strength

Just thought I’d put my 2 cents here on the newly split weapon options. First off I think splitting the weapons into 2 categories was a needed change and I advocated for it before, but I think with this change some of the weapon options need to be revisited and improved, or additions need to be made.

Shortswords, daggers and katanas are pretty much the only viable options for melee to use with Agility. The claws are the only other true melee option out of the rest of the bunch but they suffer from a pretty severe lack of damage if we compare them to the other weapons on the list. Then there are javelins which are a hybrid melee/ranged weapon which are not really that good for a couple reasons, the first being it has no hyper armor coverage when attacking in melee making them very hard to use in a melee combat especially so when 1vX, and also they have no heavy attack change because its taken over by the throw option.

All in all a list of changes I’d like to see:

  • Javelins get a heavy attack chain and throw moves to the special attack button (this would remove the block with shield but IMO is a worthwhile tradeoff to make the weapon itself more useful, but adding a different keybind to throw would be preferable.)

  • Claws need a damage buff and maybe a special combo interaction similar to the katana’s damage bonus combo.

  • Maybe an additional weapon to Agility, either a new one entirely like a quarterstaff or move the spear over to Agility. (Side note I would love to see spear’s years-old combo moves come back please Funcom).

Thanks for reading.


Also I forgot to add, claw weapons need a lot more options on the Exiled Lands map as currently there are only 2 options for end game equivalents, one of them tied to a religion making only one an in world drop.

I suggest making a Star metal punching daggers version and a dragonbone claws version that’s added to the dragon bone recipe in the arena.

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I would be happy to see more Medium Armor with Agility Damage increase. Actually i only found the pre-dlc Aquilonian Medium Armor and Chest of the Silent Legion (Medium) also Legs of the Silent Legion (Light).

There are so much with strenght bonus but really less with Agility.


Agility weapon also lack mount combat.

I saw the creativity of the Havoc & Malice (daggers move-set) as Strength weapon and Whirlwind Blades (axe and offhand move-set) as Agility weapon, would be nice if there are more of something like this in the future, ex: alternative Agility-based spears or swords would be awesome or katanas on horse to make up for the lacking of mount combat.


Skelos Cultist Master. Crafted with light padding, but is actually medium armor. Is pretty strong too.

Yeah, Agility weapon options are somewhat limited (I was hoping the spear had ended up as an Agility weapon), but I think that is balanced by the fact that Agility is a more useful stat outside damage dealing, as well as having an actual ranged combat option.

I also feel like the spear should have been a Agi weapon
I do like it having 2 types of weapons, just not really into the restrictions

Maybe some weapon should have both (bonus from str OR agi, not both, unless we want hybrids?)

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Would celebrate Funcom if they took another look at each armor and considered redistributing stats.

I know with agility light and medium armor get a bonus yet I don’t like running into a level 6 purge without heavy armor or into vaults where the Harpies with their feather minigun rip me to pieces in 1-2 seconds.

Me and my group of about a dozen friends all agree that spear should have been made an agility weapon. Also I would love to see the old spear attack pattern return the spear used to be my favorite weapon back then but after they got rid of the sweeps and just made it a terrible poke I’ve never touched it since.

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I agree that spears should be an agility weapon. It would give agility characters a mounted weapon.

Katanas should have mid-game (steel and hardened steel) options.


I actually recommended that claws move to strength and spear to agility but… :man_shrugging:


Would be cool if weapons had a primary and secondary attribute.

I was surprised when I saw the spear was strength. Would have thought it was agility.

They do.

Where does it show that? I’ve only seen one attribute on weapons.

It doesn’t show on the weapon. But Strength weapons get a bonus from Agility at 1/10th the rate as Strength does, and vice versa.

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Okay so where does the player learn this? An obscure patch note? Comment during a dev stream?

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Devkit, wiki, and parsing with a floating combat text mod. Just like with every other hidden modifier in the game. This hardly the first.

This one was mentioned in a dev stream somewhere.

I have RHTS Fighter (lv.20 with 2 Hallowed Traits || +30 Vitality) that has +33% on Agility Damage.
I tought it would be great with a Short Sword, but I’m not convinced ! Probably knives would be better.

It looks like he doesn’t want to attack. Gets staggered quite often.
What would you suggest ?

Spear should stay with strength scaling.
The moment it moves to agility every other weapon will simply cease to exist in pvp and we will see 20 agi 20 vit 20 grit roll poke almost unlimited stamina spear users.

Having a few weapons break the mood would be nice.
Legendary weapons. That could be something that makes them unique. These giant bronze fists of Mitra that one beats people with, those can be Strength based.
This sword that is noted light as a feather, great candidate for an Agility weapon.

As for Spears, there is much to unpack.
This one likes the idea of Spears, like Great Axes, being split into two movesets. The hold the ground style can remain Strength, but for Spears that use a more fluid, sweeping style (not dissimilar to the old move set, and more appropriate for the Glaives, Halbreds, and Naginatas) could be the Agility weapons.

On a very personal level, this one does not want to see Javelins lose their ability to be used with shields. That having been said, they do need some love. Badly. Discarded from the DLC packs. Absent higher end goodies that are worth much other than as a snorkel, with none of the flexibility of arrow types, and none of the supports a more potent weapon of thrown axes (and knives) they are left behind.

Also, Claws/Punch knives were recently added as a category, much like shortswords and great axes. With luck the star metal pata will be to us soon.

As far as Thralls go…
They seem too incompetent to use any agility melee weapon other than target locked Feroxic dagg-
Daggers. The AI has trouble using melee agility weapons other than daggers.
The Shortsword, Katana, and Claws (as weapons added later into the game) don’t seem to be what thralls were built for.
Don’t even get this one started on how badly they use Javelins. Run up into melee to throw the things. Won’t ready the shield in their off hand, throw all of them and then start boxing… Ayesh.

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The issue I think Thralls have with Shortswords is they use the Long/Broadsword attack table. So their combos will randomly be (assuming a higher tier thrall):


H - Heavy Attack, L - Light Attack, O - Offhand Use

Shortsword have specific combos that don’t line up with above.

It should probably be:


Daggers do the following:


For sake of reference low tier thralls (T1 and I believe T2) usually do one or two attacks with combinations of two lights, two heavies, light and heavy or heavy and light. Pretty much with all weapons.

Specific weapons I see in the table are: 1Hsword, Mace, Waraxe, 2Hhammer, Spear, Dagger, 2Hsword, Ranged, Javelin, Fists, and a few specific boss attacks.

So Shortswords, Katanas, Whirlwind blades, 2H Axes, and Offhand throwing items are probably no good for thralls.