Too much agility weapons lately

Ok, I really NEED to scream out my anger on this.
There are too much AGILITY weapons among the legendaries.

I want to understand Bec de Corbin …
But Baal Pteor Razor ? Blade od the Adventurer ?

What the f*ck should I give my thralls, considering that Sword of Crom and Warmaker Weapons are not usable by them ?

Once again this update proved extremely disappointing.

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Blade of the Adventurer is hard to keep, but worth it on fighter thralls.

I have a completely opposite opinion. I’ve leveled up a couple of dozen thralls in the last couple of months and noticed that agility falls out of the perks more often than strength. I admit that this is my individual case, but among crafting weapons there is almost nothing to give such fighters, except for nerfed katanas and short swords. Among the legendaries, too, most weapons are power weapons. I need parity.
You can, of course, use an elixir of rebirth every time, but this is the worst option, IMHO.

Speaking of parity, we don’t have Strength bows or katanas or knives or short swords.

I don’t like the idea that every type of weapon should have both. If the sword is strength, then let all swords be strong. But for some reason, we have a bunch of legendary power swords, and only one katana (Musashi). What I’m saying is that, in terms of balance, an effective weapon of agility should be at least as common as an equally effective weapon of strength. Let there be many powerful legendary katanas and short swords (although I can’t stand them).
Or even then let them reduce the probability of falling out agility among the fighters.

And besides, all these types of weapons, as a rule, have much lower efficiency (dmg / sec) in the hands of a thrall, than the top weapons of strength: maces, two-handed swords, axes. I specifically checked on the mod of Xevyr.

Bessie bow and khans bow off the top of my head are strength bows.

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My current go to is Annihilator, a two handed sword and strength weapon that gets a Master Weapon Fitting and is handed to my Bereserkers. Plus it has the Executioner status effect. The fun part, is farming Annihilator from The Soul Captor in Warmaker’s Sanctuary. For reference he also drops the key to the arena.

To the OP, my legendary chest inventories disagree with your observations. I have twice as many strength weapons than agility. Besides maces are far more effective thrall weapons than 2h swords and momentum is some you can still buy at mek spire.


Strength is just an inferior attribute currently.

Normal agility weapons lack variety, those with a good moveset are:
• Katana (probably the best agility weapon overall)
• Javelin (needs a shield, but when it doesn’t bug it’s a good moveset; stats are trash and cannot be boosted with kits, so it’s subpar)
• Bow (but of course it’s situational since it’s not a melee weapon)

→ Now let’s look at the inferior movesets:
• Daggers (used to be super strong but got butchered over time, no solid AoE, and stats are trash)
• Punching Claws (just plain garbage especially with the new stamina costs)
• Short-Sword (the moveset isn’t great for PvP, and the super small hitboxes makes it suck for many bosses and such in PvE, it is just inferior to a normal 1H-Sword in every way)

Now let’s look at the agility options that are NOT normal weapons:
• Whirlwind Blades / War Sickles → The closest thing you can have to a 1H-Axe is a Dual Wield for agility. The moveset is really good but unfortunately it is still an inferior version of a 1H-Axe because you are locked into dual wielding instead of having the choice.
• Tulwar of Amir Khurum → 1H-Sword which has a pretty good moveset, but the agility version has subpar stats to compensate. Still better than a short-sword due to design.
• Bec-de-Corbin → 2H-Mace which has a trash slow moveset, really not something worth using whether Strength or Agilty.
• Vaulting Pole / Black Dragon Pike → 2H-Spear with pretty good damage, super solid option overall, only lacking true AoE.
• Baal-Pteor’s Razor / Blade of the Adventurer → 2H-Sword with good damage, but their moveset is still quite bad.

→ Entirely missing weapons for Agility:
• 1H-Axe, you only get a forced dual wield.
• 1H-Mace
• 2H-Axe

Now let’s think about things for a second… Why is Full Agility + Full Strength the go-to in PvP?
→ Agility is mandatory, movement speed is bonkers, dodge-recovery is super strong, rolling-thrust is broken.
→ The overall best movesets are 1H-Axe and 2H-Spear, which also have great damage; 1H-Sword is also very viable for both PvE and PvP.
↳ Those weapons scale with Strength, so you need Full Strength for maximum damage (the perks are mostly irrelevant for fighting)

Now what happens if you try to use Agility Weapons to avoid investing attribute points in Strength?
→ You’re left with Katana for AoE, Daggers for some PvP situations, Bow in very few situations too; this is overall terrible especially in PvP (of course you can make any weapon work in PvE, game is beyond easy at the moment)

So all in all, those non-normal agility weapons enable some build variety (in PvP you generally have an agility 2H-spear when in farming build for instance)

Back to your point with Thrall weapons, because thralls behave very differently from players:
Momentum is your n°1 choice in PvE.
Act of Violence / Bane of the Voiceless Ones (Siptah), because thralls are really consistent with 1H-Axes.
Scythe of Thag / Morning Sun (Siptah), 2H-Axe is just really strong overall, although thralls aren’t the best users.
Hanuman’s Gada is fine, in PvP your thrall may oneshot people.
• Mordlun is okay in PvP but that’s if you want a thrall with a spear, not for all situations and not much in PvE.

And last but not least, the 2H-Swords which is what you likely wanted?
Annihilator / Papyrus Blade / Watchblade are all strong options.
Mastodont Killer / Legacy of the Reaver / Massive Lloigor Fang are best, but only available on Siptah.

I like it we finally can use more diverse weapons in both agi and str…
Please don’t change this.


Derketos voice!
You need nothing else for strength weapons than hanumans gada and momemtum for your thralls. Sword of crom was a good option but many tests show that it was delaying the thralls actions. A thrall with ajas bane or Nortis was more vicious than with a sword of Crom.
Weapon changes didn’t happen for thralls, especially these ones that they fall easy, they happen for us. To have more options.
You can use a hanumans gada or a momentum with just one perk on strength for your self and you’ll understand what i say. Forget the great swords on thralls, move on.


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