Agility Weapon Nerf in Age of War is overkill. It's going to kill Agility builds. Don't Nerf Agility

Just some examples of the nerfs to Agility Weapons.

Agility Builds are already Glass canons. We lack survivability due to mostly having to stick to light armor or armor with agility bonuses which are mostly Light. We can’t use any weapons on horseback outside of bows and javelins. Our weapon selection is poorer compared to strength weapons. Which have more versatility. Daggers are all we have going for us and Bows, With Katana’s being okay. Claws? uselss. Cant even buff them. Javlins have the worst moveset. Can’t use katanas on horseback. Like it’s not good. We’re light and nimble. We need the damage to kill folk. Don’t Nerf Agility weapons! If anything Just buff Strength weapons.

Meanwhile all Strength weapons are getting huge buffs. Which is going to shoehorn folks in Strength builds.

Axes and spears are strength weapons tho’ :stuck_out_tongue:
But it seems they got a bit of “correction” too?

For the legendaries/uniques: They got a HUGE boost :open_mouth:
Probably that’s a fair trade-off for not beign able to repair them in any way.

But as I saw so far, and based on your feedback, agility builds will slowly fade away? Started with bow being the only agility weapon on horseback, now the indirect “nerf” for the daggers/katanas (? and bows too?) using an awful lot of stamina, and the damage reductions.

Dagger nerfs were called for.

Agility weapons in general will be fine.

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This isn’t an overkill, bows are likely still going to carry the agility builds, katana’s will likely still be decent as well, the daggers on the other hand had it coming they’re extremely unfun to play against on official pvp servers, i also highly doubt agility builds are going to die out because of the nerf to daggers.

That said the legendary weapons might be a bit too strong, how do you go from an epic weapon 1h axe at 62 damage to over 100 with a legendary? That sounds like a balancing problem waiting to happen, it should be toned down to 80, our HP values are not increasing and the right clicks are going to do more damage, I feel PvP might end up turning into a oil of agony heritance whack a mole game.

I’ve been using an agility build for the last few hours, I’m on one of the test servers. Level 26 now and I’ve gotten four legendary weapons and two full stacks of akbitanan knives.

Agility is crazy strong in this update, what you fail to realize by looking at just raw numbers is that stamina cost is a big differentiator. Agi weapons use way less stamina than a str weapon, meaning more hits. More hits means more dps.

I’d also like to point out a few other things as well, namely that the Axe of the Lion you claim got buffed actually got turned into the axe form of the predatory blade, it does no damage on heavy attacks. Momentum takes extra stamina to swing, and hanumans gada is too heavy for a player to viably wield.


too late by nerfing stamina the points put into stamina have to come from somewhere. It’s crap like this that’s the reason people lose faith in developers. They make a house of cards that can collapse if they do the wrong thing.

And how many hours into the testlive are you?

Too many.

This does sound like imbalance to me, if the balancing factor is supposed to be stamina costs, and one type of weapons have much lower costs than the other.

I was playing on test client yesterday (singleplayer) and overall the changes felt ok… as long as I was playing a beginner character and not my dedicated corrupted sorcerer (didnt have time to unlock it cause I was also exploring Siptah for the first time…)

Oh, several strength weapons got savaged by the nerf bat as well.

Compare the stats for Black Ice weapons to the Hardened Steel weapons they hypothetically are an improvement of.

This one hopes at least some of the new stat blocks are accidental oversights that will be corrected before release.

One very bizarre thing this one noticed is that a couple Shortswords seem to add a bleed stack now. This one had the opportunity to putz around with the venom drenched gladius and it had two flavors of DoTs.

From this one’s extremely limited opportunities on the test server, agility weapons seem to be almost where they were before. Stringing multiple combos together is unlikely, but stamina restoration rate allows them to get up and running again quick. This one did not find any new functionality (such as mounted katana or javelins)
Strength weapons got a far more overt buff/nerf, especially in the heavey weapon category. You won’t be completing a combo without grit/stamina gear/potions. But damage is generally up.
Spears seem to be in the sweetest of spots if one gets the timing right. Poke-Roll-Sidestep twice.

The buff to legendary weapons is a potential sore spot for Agility Melee as… Where are the Agility Melee Legendaries?
They’re on Siptah, washing their tights.

Now, with gear degradation, this means that if one does get the scarce agility legendaries… Don’t get too attached and get ready to offer your hours on the altar of RNGesus praying for another unlikely drop.

On that topic, look carefully at what the durability is now for many weapons. One may need to bring a couple back up weapons, or just send thrall (in the legendary gear too precious to junk by letting it touch the player character) to do the killing while you leisurely observe.
Or better yet, send a golem. They are disposable anyway, so when they get taken down it’s no actual loss, not to you, and not to your gear’s durability.

Edit: The overtly and completely buffed weapon this one found was the Sword of Crom.
It’s stamina consumption actually went down for light attacks it seems. Possibly heavy as well.
The overhead Chop stills eats all stamina, but it does truely fearsome damage.
The Crux of course is, most heavy weapons eat all your stamina to make two or three attacks anyway, so the penalty of eats all your stamina could now be the Tuesday special, it’s so common.


Are the bows better or worse now you would say? By the way, can the bows no longer cripple when aiming at the legs? Can’t they bounce like they used to with the third precision perk? I feel like bow playing has become a bit boring.

This one only had a few moments with bows so can only give a few updates.

The Reach of the Red Mother does not currently have 30+ armour penetration.

While aiming, stamina goes down very quickly. Drained stamina bar in maybe three seconds at most. So practice snap shots.

This one did not get to directly target a leg, so cannot say if it cripples. That said, large creatures now have multiple target lock locations, so it is easier to target legs on non humans.

Snapshots take more stamina than they used to, but not by much.

This one did not have enough targets to bounce an arrow in the very brief moment with the bow.
Also, many targets have much lower HP now, so they tend to drop quickly.

Hopefully someone else can fill in the majority of your inquiry.

Could you potentially discuss this in the test server forum and not in general please.

WHY? Are you afraid of a discussion the effects everyone?

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The attribute system was completely replaced almost a year ago with 3.0
So no, there are no perks like that not even in the current system not to mention the next age.

This was something I hadn’t gotten into testing yet as the “nerfs” do look rough on paper, but with the changes to stamina, we have to consider how quickly you can attack and how many attacks you can use together. A lot more difficult to measure with just raw numbers!

If you spawn all of the Skeleton key legendary weapons you will find some of the old ones are now agility based 2h hammers, swords, spears and 2h swords.

Short swords now apply bleed on heavy attacks, as indicated in the patch notes.

Is there a list of agility weapons somewhere ?

Even with the nerfs, you still got easy and quick bleed stacking with daggers. And that helps A LOT in PvE.

Also look closer at some legendaries. Here for example: