Why do agility weapons even exist?

We don’t get corruptions and our damage is objectively and statistically worse. Can we get a buff or something? My friend is strength and corrupted, does easily twice as much damage as me.

Maybe you’re not using an agility weapon of similar caliber as your friend?
Bows for example are super strong with an agility build, but even stuff like whirlwind blades and even a simple shortsword seems to be fine, however with a bow you will easily do twice the damage your friend does, though obviously it’s a different playstyle you might not want


What bows do that much damage? I can’t find any legendary bows and just mathematically, it isn’t possible. Considering bows do 25 damage and arrows add 25 at most, and his Grief is doing 80 damage? It also takes twice as long to charge a shot, when he can do 4-5 swings in that time period.

I made a short recording for someone earlier demonstrating it for a different reason :slight_smile: (also forgot god mode on doh), but you can see a thrall / archer build here (they were trying to look for tips on ■■■■■■■■■■■ this boss easier with the new changes since they were used to just having the follower solo it, for that purpose this build is really nice cuz you can still stay far and help immensely with the bow)

Edit: I wonder why “h0w to k!ll” is censored there lol

This guy is clearly using mods though and there is no way to find out what bow he has or his stat build. If those were clearly defined, it would help. I would need a 3.0 build video showing that bows can do more damage really. So far, this new patch has shown me that being ranged it objectively worse.

That guy is me :smiley: And yes I have some mods on, none that affect combat in any way… Bow damage calculation is simply different because of the way it’s implemented (you have normal and charged shots that scale with time held etc) and also received a massive buff with the introduction of the agility weapons.
So there is no damage increase setting there or any combat mods. I can get you actual numbers if you want

That’s the build I had btw:

What bow and arrows were you using? Can you rebuild strength with a legendary 2-handed axe and see if your time is faster? Also, make sure you corrupt your strength to make it even.

was using red mother’s reach and dragonbone / obsidian arrows (20 damage)
However just in general bows secretly received a massive boost as long as you’re specced into agility :slight_smile: You said you’re already specced into it in your OP so just try using any bow and shooting anything, you’ll be shocked!
I’ll get you some numbers thou

I promise you, my friend and I fight an elephant solo, he kills his in one-third of the time and kills mine.
I have an epic DLC bow and it doesn’t even compare.

Elephants have like 1k armor thou… really not a good target to test on as he’s probably using a weapon with very high armor penetration which is not available to you until you get the bow I mentioned above from Red Mother in UC.

I’m on Isle of siptah and I can’t just farm those. So to keep up I have to have the best weapon in the game, when he can use whatever weapon he wants? Interesting, almost as though agility weapons are awful.

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Nope, not necessarily the best weapon, just need to find one with high armor penetration if you want to hunt elephants…
On any non-armored target I’m pretty sure you can keep up easily with your current bow too

Then you have access to the best bow in the game, the voidforged bow.


Well, I do a lot of damage Katana also. Using simple combo. Dodge, Dash from behind and a couple of light attacks generally do 1k 1.5k damage in 2 - 3 seconds. And I used Epic Katana (as DLC one) and then Voidforged one with Armor Penetration fittings. And not even wear “Agility Damage Bonus” set.


Make sure whatever weapon you’re using has Armor Penetration as high as it will go. Well… unless its over 40% then you might benefit more from raw damage.

Master Weapon Fitting above all else if you can find it. Siptah makes that a bit problematic admittedly.


Yup, forgot to mention that! Make sure to get some armor that further increases Agility weapon damage, the one I’m using in the video is just the regular non-epic Aquilonian, but crafted by a T4, each piece gives 5% bonus damage

The point I am making here, is that on the same level, a bow will never do as much damage as a melee weapon and I don’t understand why. According to the stats, the voidforge two handed melee weapons do one and a half times the damage of a bow with same arrows, and they can attack three times in the time it takes the bow to shoot once.

Bows are super strong. And in PVP they easily considerd as OP, you can do more or less 400 damage from a heavy attack. And light attacks are as strong as melee weapons heavy attacks.

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Is this with the most recent patch? Can you send me a video? My experience has not shown that even remotely.

That’s because you’re assuming those numbers on the weapons are in the same context… they are not.
I’ll show you in a sec