Agility Weapon Nerf in Age of War is overkill. It's going to kill Agility builds. Don't Nerf Agility

Totally not afraid. But devs will likely pay more attention to the discussion if it happens on the test server forum.

Not true the devs don’t really post the community team does. If you think I am wrong click the Dev tracker link. You will see Community, Community Support, and Customer Support. Why? Because most of the actual Devs don’t speak English.

Just because they don’t post doesn’t mean they don’t read

The community team reads the forums takes notes and passes what they think is important to the Devs.

Some weapons were misclassified into wrong weapon categories

Looks like a typical FUNCOM bug, not a deliberate balance change to diversify builds :smirk:

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Posting is not the same as reading.

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They made Spears agility weapons finally? If so good. Spears make more sense for agility users. If they are gonna nerf dagger damage then increase their AP instead.


Some Spears, at least one Two-Handed Sword, ect… are Agility weapons on the test. Haven’t found any previously agility weapons that are now Strength, but time has been limited.
Whether these are oops, or deliberate, this one does not know.
That said, the more this one putzs around, the more this one feels Agility, far from nerfed, is the better option.
The reason being the stamina efficiency of rolling and then attacking vs standing and attacking.
There are several weapons with a heavy attack far more stamina intensive than rolling. Yet the Agility specialist can opt to roll and then attack, paying a smaller stamina cost and gaining significant armour penetration.

You’re pretty much correct. Agility is still superior to Strength. The changes aren’t helping or hindering it.

What really makes Agility so damn good is the mobility perks. Damage + Mobility perks > Just Damage perks. That remains unchanged from 3.0

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The only change is that it now comes with a stamina efficiency back door.
Rolling thrust is much better now.

This one got distracted engaging in some truely amusing things with a Sword of Crom and acrobat build.

Which is part of why this one hasn’t finished cataloguing stat changes for some weapons.
Also, this one knows not if the changes are intended or something that slipped by in all the updates.

To note, all of the previously Strength weapons that are now showing Agility that this one has found are upper end. Pike of the Legion and Baal-pteor’s Razor if this one recalls correctly.

Edit: Also, even getting to damage perks like Combo Master is a challenge now.
Strength alone cannot get to the bonus damage reliably.

Check Vaulting Pole and Black Dragon Pike.

The rest are Strength Weapons for spears.

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If you’re going to base a build around two weapons. You’re going to have a bad time lol.

So daggers will be even more useless than they are now? Eh, not the end of the world.

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