No agility melee on horseback?

Truly enjoying the new patch. Tried to put together an agility build, but there are no agility weapons that can be used other than a bow on horseback.

Given that horseback combat is very common, this really weakens the agility build.

Historically, there are many lightweight melee weapons wielded from horseback - especially in a hit and run role.

Possibly consider making the tulwar / sabre an agility weapon?


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I have been kicking booty with Archery on horseback.

Does it work well? What is you favorite bow for it, if you don’t mind me asking.

I just use an epic dlc bow. Nothing special. Literally nothing special at all.

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I wouldn’t say no to Short Sword being given horseback animations. Same with Javelin. Could even use the same for both probably.


I do use a bow on horseback, but there are many historical examples of lightweight melee weapons used from horseback.

I would agree the short sword or javelin should be included.

The uchigatana was a katana variant used one handed from horseback.

I wonder if this is just about animating these weapons, or if there is a game balance thinking behind excluding agility melee weapons.

Yeah, I was surprised that the javelin can’t be used to poke people while mounted.

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I just came here to suggest it. Weird… Im sure there is a technological limitation to explain it.

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When the update hit testlive i made report about it and suggested to just reuse sword and pike animations for javelin, shortsword and katana so they may squeeze it into AoS release.

well that didn’t happen, but i’m certain they already knew that problem but it wasn’t high enough of a priority for the initial AoS update.
The next chapter update to AoS will be my best bet, so its probably only bows for the next three month.


I’d add katana use from horseback most certainly. I agree shorter weapons (i.e. shortsword) should be usable mounted as well if at reduced efficiency (shorter reach, less damage) perhaps.

In particular inability to use katana or javelin in horseback melee seems really odd. Katana could have reduced damage from horseback to reflect one-handed only use :wink:

Shorter reach is plenty of disadvantage already IMHO. Then again horses are currently just a glorified peaceable for me - just not worth the risk & hassle.

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I don’t understand the short sword. I mean it has less range, but that is still feasible to just smack enemies with it only on the two sides right next to you.
I don’t udnerstand #2: SPEARS on horses.
So basically oyu have a two handed weapon that you can use on a horse, and a one handed that you can not. I hope it will be switched one day.

To be honest I think it was something they never got around to giving animations more than a conscience decision.

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I made the same suggestion. As I think about it more though, did they incorporate many of the suggestions made during testlive?

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No, mainly a few bugfixes and that’s it.

Stuff like balancing and qol will probably trickled in with the bigger updates over the course of AoS, while they turn their priority to bugs and outliers for now.
Or maybe everything will have to wait till next chapter, i honestly didn’t spend much attention to Funcoms developement and update process over the years, so may someone more enlightened answer that question.

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