Katana, no one hands?

Not part of test Live (ps4 user) but took a lookie.

“Katanas are two-handed swords with an entirely new and unique moveset.”

No one hands? super ultra sad face
Every Dev makes this mistake. XD They ether do not add katanas, or add only two hands Dai-Katanas. XD

Bows, Not part of test live… from reading how they work, so Pew pew pew, like Dragons Dogma? (neat) or something else?

Katanas is generally used 2h, they could add wakizashi wich is the 1h version of it.

“generally” isn’t always thou, its also a video game. =p

The most common way is to two-hand, but 1 hand styles exists, as does two-handing 2 of them.
I don’t really need realism or anything, just 1handed katanas. =3

I meant, they add a two hand model,for one hand they need to create another skin, and Wakizaschi is the thing you’re asking. :wink:

At least they did add it two handed only and not the contrary, as it makes more sense to use it two handed than one.
Once upon a time, I had a japanese kendo instructor, and he said, katana has not enough weight to cut an arm or neck used with one hand, so we use it with two hands.

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I cut watermelon just fine 1hand. XD
And the few I own (or would risk using anyway) are those cheap 200-300$ ones… XD

Well, have you EVER seen any presentation, on television or games alike, of a Katana used with a shield? No? There is a good reason for that. :wink: It’s like using an epee while wilding an axe on your offhand… you savage! :rofl:
No, seriously, you cant use a Katana properly with just one hand. They are made for slicing with very limited capability for stabing but not for slashing like a longsword.

Well to be fair watermelons don’t typically have bones.

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