One handed spear?

I saw a guy with a trident spear and he held it with one hand. Where can I find this?! There’s absolutely nothing to find on the web about it.

One handed possibly is a javelin type of weapon, I am using lately a dori, and it’s a lot of fun to explore the nights with a torch and your dori in hand, knowing they won’t surprise you!. As for the trident shape, I can’t help on that, might be a legendary javelin of sorts.

Have you seen him wielding it with one hand or fighting with it with only one hand ?

When you run the spear is wielded with one hand by the character (but it still requires 2 hands to fight with it), and some moves while fighting also seems the character hold it with just one hand (but it’s not).

If he was truly using a trident and a shield (for example) than that trident is a javelin I don’t know, so I want to know where to find it too :grin:

He was holding it with one hand behind his back in a stylish martial art form. Then also his attack combos looked different from the spear or javelin. This was at a weekly pve event and I asked the guy where he found it but he didn’t even respond to me.

It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before in Conan and now I’m obsessed to find it. I still can’t believe that there’s absolutely no information about this anywhere!

It’s really interesting, honestly I really never heard of an object like this before :open_mouth:

I think the only hope is to maybe ask the admins on the server if they know about this because no one else seemed to find it intriguing but me.

Is this a private server and is this PC?

The trident (there are currently only two) is deffinately 100% only 2handed.

PC on private server can use mods.

Edit I see your tag says PS4. Thats deffinately a modded PS4 and needs to be reported if you know his psn id

I personally have gone through the entire list of weapons IN GAME with the admin panel. There is only the steel trident or the dagon trident. Both are two handed.

There is a specific moveset for spears and javelins. Even if you hold a shield with the javelin you don’t get the new moveset as with sword axes or mace’s. There may be one option I suggest you look into.

When weilding a throwing axe or a throwing knife and a one handed weapon (javelin excluded) you get a new move set. The item he may have been using was temporarily called and no longer implemented. The hook sword, now know. As the ancient Lemurian sword.

This why I’m so confused. I had believed that I had finally found it in the sunken city. Turns out it’s just a lame lemurian trident that’s weak and 2H. My question is why do they speak of a Trident of Dagon if it’s not called that? They certainly do have Daggers of Dagon. Still, I know for a fact that somehow this guy was able to get a 1H trident and held it just like the fish ppl in the sunken city dungeon.

I know which one you speak of and it wasn’t the hook sword. He held only the trident and it had straight forks on it instead of the curvy lemurian kind.

The dagon trident is a legendary weapon not dropped in the unnamed city. But in sunken city

Edit: which is still unfortunately 2handed

The Lemurian trident is the steel trident.


Outside of PC where funcom allows mods, funcom is not up to speed with Bethesda and does not allow mods of any kind on console. This weapon does not exist and has been cheated in by way of modded console.

Really hate to burst your bubble.

So, we were in a server, and got hit.
Where we were built is unimportant, but in the 4 hour chaos that ensued, we fought a guy who had what I can only assume was the Trident of Dagon.
With it, he was able to do combos and moves that I’ve never seen before, he was able to do a double lunge with the weapon, along with the psionic blast thingies that one of the fishmen bosses does when you get the trident to begin with.
Also, there was a stance change on him, ran differently, attacked differently.
So I run the dungeon, get the trident, craft it, and spend the next 10 minutes trying to see if I can’t do the same moves he was doing, but to no avail.
What am I missing? How do I activate it?
Am I even using the right weapon?

This is another person who wrote this on the forum. I just found this

Go to an offline server, use the admin to spawn in any and all items that resemble the one you saw.