I've seen it. Trident of Dagon moveset?


So, we were in a server, and got hit.
Where we were built is unimportant, but in the 4 hour chaos that ensued, we fought a guy who had what I can only assume was the Trident of Dagon.
With it, he was able to do combos and moves that I’ve never seen before, he was able to do a double lunge with the weapon, along with the psionic blast thingies that one of the fishmen bosses does when you get the trident to begin with.
Also, there was a stance change on him, ran differently, attacked differently.
So I run the dungeon, get the trident, craft it, and spend the next 10 minutes trying to see if I can’t do the same moves he was doing, but to no avail.
What am I missing? How do I activate it?
Am I even using the right weapon?

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Just to confirm. Did you smoke anything?

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Apologies for our rude reception, welcome to the community.

Trolls populate forums as you know, so claims such as this can be met with skepticism without proof other than testimony. I suggest tying to engage this player again and record it.

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Yes, it would be out of character for Funcom to have a unique move set (see havoc and malice, whirl wind blades)

Also, is this official or private.
If private, it may that they were admins and spawned in the actual character from the sunken city.

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considering it is still inferior to the flawless serpent man spear, it should have a unique (claws-like) moveset

EDIT: I should probably remove this post so my fav weapon doesn’t get nerfed.

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what!? it sounded all credible with movement and such until they mentioned the “along with psionic blast thingies”. they also play on ps4 so no mods.

EDIT: if you go to the police and tell them that you saw a person with ninja moves and he was doing fishman blast attacks, what do you think they will do first: ask you for more details or check your sanity?

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Sorry, I’m just not trying to immediately discredit a new member of the community for a claim like this. It could very well be an attempt by a troll to stir up the rumor mill or whatever they like, but considering the general lack of transparency with anything in this game I have to say there is a chance that we just don’t know about this. I did not feed any potential troll, just said show proof. Generally that ends any discussion.

EDIT: and I by no means want to model my behavior nor thought processes after a beatcop taking incident reports from someone who thinks a game is reality


I agree. there are people who haven’t logged 1000’s of hours, and they may be thinking they saw something. But to come off as a…hats in the very first responses feeds the narrative the CE is filled with a…hats. @Ranson replied in a non a…hat way. You know, because not every answer to a question on here has to have negative connotations.

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not to mention the moderators probably don’t like drug use discussed or implied on the forums. but I don’t wanna flag something like that on a forum that is supposed to be adult content. I could also point out that smoking any substance is not the only way to influence your perception of reality and your comment could be interpreted as discriminatory against a group of individuals performing perfectly legal acts in their respective states/countries. It’s the 21st century now

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So, for the record. I’m just new to the forums, not to the game. I’ve been playing it for about a year and a half.
No, I don’t do drugs. And certainly not during the four hour long attack. (The server did not have DOD, so people were just regularly trying to suicide bomb the doors, while we held a line at the gate)
It was on a private server, but it was not a spawn in. It was a live, very murderous player.
It had his gamer tag, and his name.
Plus, I’ve fought the trident boss before, he can take HUGE amounts of damage. This guy we were dropping in three hits.
He had a trident, which again, I can only assume was the Trident of Dagon, considering that they were geared to the teeth and wearing flawless khitan.
And every time he pulled it out. His stance would change, and he’d be able to fight like the trident fish man boss.
I’m trying to reestablish contact with the player.


Welcome to the community :slight_smile: To cut to the chase, the Dagon Trident does the same moves as any other spear in the game. I don’t know ANY weapon that uses a blast attack. Possibly the weapon trail? I did get the weapon and used it for a bit, but I dont recall it doing anything special.

I wonder if during the recruitable unrecruitable thrall exploit if he was able to somehow pull the trident monster to a wheel break it then get his trident and /moveset, if he is infact a humanoid, sometimes the movesets in thralls can bug in the forms of little bags in the thralls inventory.

no idea, hella interesting and just a theory.

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Or an admin spawned it in and gave them the moveset.
I’ve taken telith’s spirit bomb attack before. Pretry nasty.

It is confirmed. It’s a spawn in item.
Convert a half child of Dagon onto a thrall in Admin mode, take the pike off his body, and you use it as yours. Stance and attacks change Complete with the psionic blast thingie.
I knew i wasnt crazy lol


crazy, was just a theory lol, so do you play on an unofficial? cause if you dont creates waaay more questions


the puzzle start to piece himsefl together^^

So glad we didn’t model our thought process on the examples set by a simple beatcop (no offense law enforcement officers that try/care) and blame the sanity of our fellow community member.

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he did say he fought a player, it turned out he fought a spawned npc thinking

Let me help you:

1: Admin spawn half child
2: knock out
3: remove from wheel
4: unequip half child’s weapon
5: take it
6: equip it