Spear Animation


I asked in the stream but I think they did not pay much attention to it and did not take it seriously.

I asked that the animation slowed down or it stops at the 3rd attack for a milisecond and in time the npcs can directly attack, which makes it quite difficult to play properly with the spear.

I was told in the stream of a mod that they look at and the streamer said it would be as always but that’s not true and the proof is that all meta players only play with hammer and bow

I wanted to post a comparison video here but that is probably not

Hey @onixevil

Welcome to our community.
If you could post a video it would be helpful. Otherwise we’ll notify QA to they can see if there’s something amiss in the spear animations.
Thanks for the feedback.

Hello Ignasis,

thank you for you message. I tried to posting my uploaded video but I get this message:

“Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.”

@Ignasi can elevate your permissions. If he is not available, you can alter the link to fool the system and some kind soul will revert the changes and the link will be available.

I do not know the specific changes; play a bit or again, someone here can give an example.



this is good if he can give me the permissions cauz at the videos you can see the difference before they patches you can still make you combo and the npc cant attack you but now you just makes 3 attacks and the finaly attack gets instant interrupted

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