One handed Spear or Javelin without throwing function

I think this is easy

but can we get a one handed Spear with javelin light attack animations
Or a legendary javelin without the throwing function
So our thralls can use the weapon and not throw it
Also so players dont accidentally throw it and can wield a spear and shield
Achilles/ phalanx look
Pretty please funcom lol


I think its a good possibility this might happen sometime.

My hope is they just copy Multigun’s approach and have it so that they have Light and Heavy attacks and throw on special if there is nothing in the offhand. Special with shield blocks, and special with throwing axe throws the throwing axe.


Yeah, Multigun’s mod is definitely something that should be adopted into the game. Though I could see them not doing all the Hasta and off-hand javelin stuff.

Heck, I don’t want to assume anything for him but I bet he would probably appreciate the slight easing of the atlantean burden that is the support demands for all his mods.


Shield and spear should be fleshed out more. It’s very appropriate to the pseudo-ancient time setting, as that is how many people fought back then.

That Conan Exiles even has spears was one of the selling points for me, stupid as they may sound. Spears rarely get depicted in that genre of game. Some movies show us spears and some awesome spear fights, but games often just go for secondary weapons like swords. That has improved in recent years, I think, but Conan Exiles was one of the forerunners at least from my knowledge.

While we’re at it, that questionable overhand stance for long spears could get reworked, too. :wink:


I did a one handed spear + shield build once and it was fun but I kept throwing my spear by mistake. Also can’t upgrade them with modifiers. It was fun but not fun at the same time. Definitely needs some help.


Yeah am try a build now with some gladiator looking armor
Wishing I could of set up some thralls with the look aswell

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