Javelin toggle/New one handed spear weapon

I love the whole hoplite feel of warfare, running in with a shield and spear and all that… But, since I’m not throwing my javelin (personally feel it’d be a waste of material), I feel that my damage will be limited no matter what… Therefore, would there ever be, either a mechanic so that one could switch between throwing and heavy attacks(could be a lengthy thing to make, so personally doubt it) OR a new/full melee variant of javelins, or just a longer version that’s more akin to a one handed spear, that had heavy attacks enabled? :slight_smile:

Edit: Another suggestion was at one point, being able to fit a rope or chain to your javelin, so that one wouldn’t have to lose it in a long battle, nor haul along several javelins. Would also make it possible to incorporate a closing attack of sorts, where you pull the enemy to you after having thrown it :slight_smile:

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