Javelins, Spears and Pikes

Hi all, its me again. I have been playing it a lot in the last weeks, and really like this game, im using spear/shield combo, however be noted im solo player, so my comments could be far from what multiplayer people could expirience.

That said I have a few comments/suggestions:

Javelin: There are quite a few post around this forum, steam and the web about them and most are like “what are they are for”, I think its nice to have them, but they lack real use (as throwing weapons) as stated by many others, since balance between cost - eficiency.

**Suggestion:**Simple as make them do more damage but fly less (have short range) and to stack them so we have bundles of them like skirmishers would. They would need 2 damages, mele damage (low damage) and ranged damage (high damage).

Spear Its really weird thing, because they are a hybrid between spears and javelins, if we have just the spear it becomes a javelin and if we have shield it becomes a spear. As spear they are good but short and as throwing weapon they are crap, we need tons of them to kill an enemy and they arent cheap to make, as said up there.

Suggestion: Weapons are divided into Javelin (shorter), Spear (Long), Pike (Longest)
(Spear size 1.5 - 4 meters, Pikes 3 - 7.5 meters)

Javelin: Short (as they are), can be thrown, has two damages: Increase ranged damage, deacrese mele damage than other 1 handed (and spear).
Spear: Increase reach/range, lower mele damage than other 1 handed.
Pike: Increase reach/range, lower mele damage than other 2 handed weapons.

Conan world allows us to have more hoplite like fighting. Thanks for reading, I hope my ideas are usefull, comment what you think.

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