Please buff Javelins

They are almost never used.

I would suggest to increase the stabbing speed and remove the animation lingering from the first attack or make it (retraction speed) faster at least (similar to the 2h spear).

It should be a faster weapon, since it is an agility weapon. So big no to being stuck in animations for so long.


It’s not like they have stats even close to the shortsword which somewhat balances it’s animation lock.

Also, while they can be thrown, the range and accuracy is… not a thing to brag about.
If they had a power throw option that staggered or knocked down, it would be different.

Unfortunately, they are currently stuck in the uncomfortable position of doing two things poorly.

Unlike the off hand throwing axe, which does still have some issues, they lack much utility outside of very early game.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, they cannot be used mounted.


Yeah, that’s totally baffling. You can somehow use a 2-handed spear in one hand while mounted, but not a javelin…


I am all in, count me too! I love the javelin shield look, it’s Spartan look and it’s awesome!
But the damage outcome is :face_vomiting:.
Totally agree with this buff!


The presence of a blacksmith should affect the damage and AP. Just like any other weapon crafted with a blacksmith…


Whatever you suggest about javelin I am all in. I know that Multigun has a mod about javelin and anyone who tried his mod is in love with javelin after that! So do they need a rework? Yes they do! They must be main weapons and not secondary! Javelin use to be the soldier weapons. They were cheap to fix so soldiers were carrying javelin. Still one great General and king with the name Ahilleas (Achilles) was using the same javelin of his soldiers to prove to them how powerful weapon they were holding!
Now we play Conan exiles, we fix hero toons, so our toon should be equal to Achilles why not. The way javelin is, you cannot become a hero (or can you? I have to try it as a challenge I guess), so javelin needs love.
Again, I am all in!

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To be entirely fair, when properly seated in a saddle, the weight and centering of a wielder modifies what can be used reasonably.

For example, cavalry sabres are atrociously clunky and over built weapons. For dismounted combat. However, when correctly used as an edged vehicle for transferring the strength of a mount into a rival human… Purrfection.

Likewise, if a polearm is just a point on a stick, bracing it against the body, with the extra mass of the mount, allows for usage sans a second hand. That said, the amount of training to fight with skill mounted is not inconsiderable. These are radically different processes in many cases.
Swinging is another issue, but the mounted polearm “swing” is not the most impactful of attacks. The couched lance type attack is much better.

Also, we cannot use shields or off hand weapons while mounted. Tragically ahistorical.


My Argossean & Aquilonian playthrough votes yes on Javelin buff or dedicated 1H melee alternative.
Or both. Please?


I firmly support this call SirDaveWolf. Javellins have long underperformed in all modes. And it is great to hear people calling for buffs as opposed to nerfs. All aboard the the buff train.


It is satisfying to know that the javelin is finally beginning to receive the recognition it deserves.

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Shame we cant give them to thralls, so we cant have any spear\shield guard types =(
Well we can, but they tend to throw it away…

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Love running with javelin and shield. I’m surprised it’s not a viable combo as 1h spear and shield was a staple of armies and highly effective and much more common.

Add something to it in terms of pen or dmg or faster as this shouldn’t be ignored


I tested the Javelin (Black Ice) on Dogs of the Desert Training server.

Out of 20 hit attempts I managed to hit my opponent once. For like 3% of his HP as damage.


Count me on on the javelin train. Love them but they need a fair amount of love. If only they would get the attention like 2H axes, I think they would shine shine shine.

I would say a variety like we have in arrows would be nice.

Poison-nox orb
Fire-demon orb

Also I would say you have the stack but on the last one, you don’t get to throw option. You have to have a stack to get the throw option and throw can’t be done if there is only one in inventory (and therefore riptide is saved from your stupidity of putting the controller down to get a snack and you hit the button accidentally and drop trying to swim back to the surface-true story)


Yup… even if you set them to prioritize melee they still throw it. While hugging their target.
It’s a dang shame, i got some Riptides i’m keeping around for when they fix that and/or create a melee alternative or something for the skin.
I really hope they at some point create a melee alternative.


Multigun has a mod about javelins! If you wish to test it just for getting ideas how javelins could be improved let me know and i will send you an invitation for his discord page to discuss it with him too! From what i took all this time i participate in his discord page, the players that used his mod are super exited with javelins after this, but only using his mod! So if you are not already a member in his page let me know so i can send you an invitation!

Yep the lack of an agility weapon to use while mounted doesn’t make sense and the javelin seemed like an obvious (and historical) choice. I’d be ok not even being able to throw it mounted but just “pokey pokey”.

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