Buff Javelins. They are literally never used in PvP

Maybe start by giving the javelin hyper armor for the first attack.

Also reduce animation lingering after attack. Being stuck for 1.5-2 seconds is too much. They are not 2H weapons.

Javelins were only used before water combat, because they were the only weapon usable underwater. Now they are pretty much wasted assets on your SSD.


Could be a fun to buff this weapon and other weapons and some armors.

I’d like javelins to be buffed. Javelin+shield for a phalanx fighting style would be really cool.


I’d also like javelins to be buffed. They look cool and are fun to use. I feel like the issue is the aim works better for pve for some reason. It’s the same with short swords. I can use javelins and short swords really effectively in pve but whenever I’ve tried to use them in pvp I can’t seem to land a single hit. They’re too tightly focused maybe?

Well someone actually did it. :+1:

I would like to see Javelins get proper Light and Heavy combos. With throw being on another button (maybe even do throw when shield is unequipped and using the kick/block button).

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As a singleplayer PvE player, I have no real say in this other than the fact it makes me glad I am able to use Javelin Improved.

I cannot recommend it enough for people wanting to use it on their unofficial servers. For you all on officials, I just hope funcom eventually does something as fun.

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I haven’t used that mod specifically myself, but I have played with mods that do similar functionality. I had even though it was base game for a bit because of that.

That sounds amazing. I support this 100%

This is actually what multigun did with Javelin Improved, as well as adding in a whole lot of different javelins as well as Hasta weapons. They’ve got full light/heavy combos with any combination you could think of - with shield, throwing axe, off-hand javelin or an empty off-hand. You can even still throw them with an empty off-hand slot though it’s handled like a charged shot with the bow.

It actually updated a bit ago adding in 6-hit combos that have finisher moves.

I seriously cannot recommend it enough if one is in a position to have a hand in determining the mods used on an unofficial server. It’s great fun and I do honestly hope Funcom does something similar so people on officials can have something like it.

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I use javelins a bunch in the beginning game on Siptah. Head over the the Serpent vault and snag serpentmen javelins off the corpses. One of the best early weapons out there. I agree that they are under utilized and riptide steals the show but they have great damage and that is enough for me to use them.

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I used to use javelins in pvp for the cripple to catch opponents and water pvp, but now I dont one of the biggest factors is the weight of them and my main weapon (axe) being able to be used in water alongside other methods to catch opponents (horse) still for stones and sticks its viable in a chase scenario to craft while in pursuit but usually once again I will be on horseback now.

I agree.

  • They do NOT need a dmg buff. (increase you accuracy attribute)
  • They do NOT need a heavy attack. (use a pike if you want that)

If anything is to change about them it’s the bug of them remaining in your hotbar even after you have thrown the last one. That and maybe a larger stack size.

The advantage to javelins is that they consistently knockback almost any enemy, 1 or 3 skull bosses, mobs, you name it. I haven’t tried on the Red Mother Dragon :dragon_face: but I bet they work on her too. They cut short most lunges and any boss or mob not in a lunge is knocked back about 2 meters. Many if not most bosses walk about 2 meters in the time it takes to throw another one. So if you have 2 or 3 stacks of them ready to go in your hot-bar you can hold your ground and never get hit.

That’s PVE. They are good in the same way for PVP but I don’t think they will ever be popular because it’s hard to hit a target🎯 that’s moving horizontally much or at all.

I would love to use javelins but they weigh too much and the stack size is way too small.

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