Dual-Wielding weapons in future conan exiles update

The game has been out for some time, yet it is still missing a vital realistic part of melee combat - the ability to dual-wield different one-handed weapons. It is an Oblivion vs Skyrim upgrade to gameplay. Its essential and needs to happen - albeit admittedly with a slight penalty to damage. But the option has to be there as it is realistic and I’m sure many people would love that option for an even more diverse build, either by default or through investing into attributes…
Is there any chance that this will be addressed in future updates? Thanks in advance

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So youre saying that in real life, a person can’t pick up an umbrella and a walking stick and hold them in different hands simultaneously?


In terms of official comments on the matter, hasn’t been discussed in a while. But each time its been brought up its been the same. I’ve talked about it a few times in the past as I’ve worked with the existing combat systems while working on my mods a lot over the years.

And the tldr is; unlikely to happen anytime soon, if ever. Combat system was never designed for a “true” duel wield system. Would need to be rebuilt from the ground up for it, and it would affect all existing weapon styles they would need to be redone too. And would it be worth it to do when you can get a “good enough” system with current methods? Not at all.

so you’re saying the issue and difficulty is with the coding? I like the game regardless but will wait patiently on the off-chance they decide to do it, not to mention new maps and content…

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They can, and they do. But learning to fight with the umbrella and walking stick simultaneously takes a lot of effort.

One could argue that wielding a sword and shield is using two different weapons at the same time, since many fighting styles teach to use the shield actively, aggressively, rather than just keep it hanging on your side and passively protect parts of your body.

But there aren’t that many martial arts that involve teaching two different weapons. They do exist (sword and dagger for example, even if the latter was often used more defensively than offensively) but are considerably less common in real world fighting than fantasy and fiction make it seem.

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Even so, the option to fight with 2 different weapons would be nice to have, and add even more possibilities with character customisation, particularly if you get perks relating to this… I have total faith in the devs that they can do this, since they have made this amazing addictive game…

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There are A LOT of vital and simple elements missing from Conan Exiles. Unfortunately, Funcom seems to have ignored most of it over the last 4 years, and that’s why sorcery is kind of a nice surprise, but when you factor in the cash shop, it’s really not. I have no problem with the in-game cash shop/battle pass format if it improves the dev’s attention to the game and fanbase, but I still think it’s really a bold move considering the lack of maintenance and response to the players the game has received thus far, and the current player base reflects that.

Game already has dual wield weapons class.

Problem is, it uses copypasted animations from axe+offhand throwing axe and doesn’t have any high-end variants.
I do remember someone from the dev team mentioning something about “working on” them but that was like months and months ago.

What we really need is new animations set for dual wield and new low-end and high-end variants, preferably legendary and crafted variants.

I feel like the combat system has needed a revamp from day one. It’s rough to say the least.

We will have new attributes and perks system in 3.0 plus some weapon animation timing and movement rework.
Removal of animation cancel was a rough change and I feel like we still need some fine-tuning with roll windows and attack animations, but overall I’m pretty hyped for what they have in 3.0.
Also, sorcery and sorcery perks may shake up the balance and the ways how we will approach the combat.

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Serpent Swords on Isle of Siptah are a high end acidic version of these. There are also two dual axe sets that I know of, one is from Siptah and the other from Exiled Lands.

You can also get the throwing daggers from Exiled Lands or a Throwing Axe and use it off-hand while using any other 1h weapon in your main hand.

The only combination I haven’t seen is a mace or axe in the main hand with a mace or sword in the offhand. Every other combination is possible through legendary or crafted weapons.

Yep, I think historical examples of dual wielding were usually improvised tactics or a desperate person hoping to surprise their opponent. I’ve seen European sword school manuals showing a dagger in the offhand or a cloak wrapped around the wrist as an improvised shield. And I know Musashi the Japanese duellist used two swords to great effect once against multiple opponents, and then made it part his repertoire. But he was very practical.

I think in real life there’s just too much margin for error. Otherwise it’d be the standard way to fight with weapons, and it’s not.

Not saying it doesn’t look rad as heck in a video game or movie though :grin:

Ok, this is more of a technical look at the issue

With only 2 one-handed weapon types, the system would need 4 sets of combo attacks and animations to support all possible combinations with just those 2 weapon types. Adding more one-handed weapon types to the system would lead to even more “unique” combinations, which might then also need their own combo attacks and animations

That’s a lot of work and a big fat “very unlikely” in my opinion.

I would still like it though :wink:

Two weapon fighting is not the most common of historical records we have.
Rapier and Dagger is prominent in Europe, but that was later on and the dagger was often enhanced to be a parrying tool when possible.

Many of the not matched pair weapon systems had followed a similar route, with a dominant weapon and a secondary weapon used primarily as a parrying tool.

A couple sport fighting professionals in Rome used mismatched weapons.

In general, unless one is using a weapon in both hands, or a specific fighting system that relies on profile posture, it is better to have something in the off hand than not, altho it would see use more as a blocking tool and occasionally weapon of opportunity or back up.

The number of fighting systems that use two dedicated attacking weapons simultaneously is somewhat low, and those are very often paired.

But let’s step aside from history for a moment, because there was never a factual Atlantis (Plato made that place up for The Republic). Nor do we have any solid documentation of Lemuria or Mu/Hiva, much less any fighting systems that originated there… So it’s quite possible that plenty of ahistorical but very fun to watch combat techniques developed. Likewise, the spectacle of forced combat in the Hyborian age is far more common than it was in Rome, so significantly more novelty styles or techniques more useful as entertainment and less for the battlefield may exist.

Honestly, this one finds the absence of single dagger styles far more egregious than the lack of mace and axe,
This one must wonder what their inclusion would harm and what it would cost.
We currently have a somewhat underdeveloped paired weapon category (identical to the melee parts of weapon + throwing axe, including interfering with weapon status infliction) which could use more content.
Why not allow all (single handed) weapons to be offhand?
Especially if all they do is borrow the off hand throwing axe motions?

It is cinematic. It’s popular (in fiction and contemporary fandom, far out of proportion with historical presence). It’s already half way into the game.

I was trained in the art of hatchet and knife, and cudgel plus hatchet. I’m not anywhere close to full-blood so I was only given a hatchet, not a warhawk. There are prescribed move sets, rolls, tactical strikes, blocks and more. It’s an American martial art.

My preferred modern equivalent is roofing hatchet plus hand sickle.


I was trained to use a fork and a knife since I was a little kid. Usually against targets that were already long-dead, though.


Ah, table-kido, I was similarly trained. Webster’s Dictionary and Dune got to know the sides of my chest quite well.

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1h weapon plus a throwing axe in the offhand. It works, and for every 1h weapon there is a slightly different moveset present.

Edit: I think, I didn’t make myself clear, it’s already in the game.^^

If they do decide to do it, even with all the animations involved - i’ll wait as long as possible regardless. Because of the reworked perks, etc I want to forget about all the dungeons in exiled lands and play it again before siptah, regardless - can’t wait…

I think the fact that most battlefield and duellist weapon arts we have left (or can learn about from historical records) concentrate on a weapon in both hands, a narrow profile and long blade, or a weapon and shield indicates that these are optimal. These people died painfully if they didn’t use what worked best. Warrior classes spent most of their time honing combat knowledge so as not to die. They knew what they were doing.

I’ve studied Japanese sword arts and tiny bit of western fencing which to me bore this out. Someone with a good two-handed grip on their longsword/katana/whatever is in a better position than someone with a long-ish blade in each hand. Theya re faster and more stable. As is someone with a narrow profile and a single long blade. I can’t speak for shields but they seemed to work when I was a kid mucking about with wooden swords :grin:

You know what’s the best melee weapon though? A polearm.

I almost brought up Native Americans! but my knowledge came from Last of the Mohicans and I didn’t know if I was being racist :grimacing:

I imagine that sort of fighting could be very deadly in ambushes and close quarters battle

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