Dual weird options

So I’m sure other people have come up with ideas for dual wielding and we’ve been waiting on dualwielding but the normal way dual wielding works in other games wouldn’t work for Conan exiles on console. Being that as soon as you equip a one handed weapon to the wheel and you equip it from the wheel it goes into your right hand and if you equip a second one handed weapon from your wheel it replaces it.

Option 1. New left handed craftables weapons that act the same as throwing weapons that don’t have the option to be thrown and have the option to be upgraded through kits an fittings.

Option 2. A whole new set of craftables. Specific weapons would get an extra tier of crafting. These should require 2 of the new “item” you are creating.

My idea is that we have whirlwind blades that act like daggers but are just remodeled to be swords. And havoc and malice remodeled as axes.

However I wouldn’t just remodel daggers to the look of what ever item you are creating. But moves more closely related to one handed and thrown combo.

But I don’t think it would be feasible to add this to ALL craftable one handers. Just specific ones.

As far as stats go:
Dual wielding should indirectly tie into agility which would not need a rework at all.

Suppose you were crafting dual wield “Longsword” as example. ( Mind you I don’t know the exact numbers or debuff )

Instead of 27x2 for the damage of the new crafted dual Longsword item. It should be more like 27x1.5+(0.5Xagility). So obviously at 0 agility. You’d get a weapon that deals 40.5 damage.
That same weapon at 50 agility would deal 65 damage. In addition to the strength modifier. Plus cripple.

Also, supposing it’s a sword that deals bleed. The bleed would follow the same ratio -agility. Instead of double the bleed it would be Bx1.5.

(My math maybe slightly off but I’m sure we get the idea)

Therefore, giving us dual wield (finally [crosses fingers]) and have a better use of the agility stat.


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