Suggested armor changes and reasoning

As the title suggest this is a post about armor changes. Inparticular the dlc armors. The reason that I’d suggest changing of some of them is simply: several of them boost attributes with the same temperature resistance and weight as existing armors. For example the Pictish wizard armor is light accuracy heat armor, same as Shemite armor.

As it currently stands creating flawless versions of one can be crafted by any named Armorer but the other requires finding a specific person. This is a substantial advantage over the original content.

But if the Pictish wizard was instead a cold armor, well then it creates a unique slot by being the only light accuracy cold armor.

And before anyone suggests that would be unbalanced let’s keep in mind out of the 15 current dlc armors 8 fill unique slots like that and 7 are copies of existing armors some even copying other dlc armors. So they are not just reskins of existing armors, in fact if they had been this topic wouldn’t be raised. Although the armorer thing would still be an ease issue, it would be understandable that dlc did not give an advantage other than saving time hunting down specific armorers.

But since unique armors are a thing in the dlcs and with there being 42 possible armor combos for single stat armors for each of the 7 attributes of both temperature types. Why are there 3 medium strength armors all cold resistance?

So since this is in fact a suggestion post I’m going to list the 15 dlc armors and changes that I’d suggest to make them unique. As all of these changes are basically just resistance based I personally do not see how that would be unbalanced. Now if I’m wrong please let me know.

In order of dlc release:

Imperial East:
Khitan mercenary: currently copies Vanir settler. Light grit cold armor. Solution make heat armor.
Khitan captain: copies Shaman armor AND Turanian mercenary. Medium strength cold. Solution change to heat.
Khitan imperial: unique heavy cold encumbrance (only full set cold encumbrance armor)

Jewel of the West:
Aquilonian scout: currently copies Yamatai foot soldier (dlc) Solution change one or the others stat. Agility has cold light already.
Aquilonian infantry: unique vitality medium heat
Black Dragon: unique heavy grit heat.

Savage Frontier:
Pictish wizard: copies Shemite, light accuracy heat armor. Solution change to cold.
Pictish Brave: unique medium survival heat.
Pictish War Chief: copies slaver armor, heavy strength heat. Solution change to cold.

Seekers of the Dawn:
Yamatai Foot Soldier: copies Aquilonian scout light agility heat. Solution change attribute to vitality makes scout armor and this both unique.
Yamatai Demon: copies medium armor, medium encumbrance heat. Solution change to cold.
Yamatai Warlord: unique heavy vitality heat.

Treasures of Turan:
Turanian Scout: copies Lemurian Royalty. Light survival cold. Solution either change to heat armor OR change attribute to strength leaving it cold.
Turanian Mercenary: copies Khitan Captian AND K. Shaman armor. Solution change attribute to accuracy IF Khitan is changed to heat otherwise change to heat.
Turanian Phalanx: unique heavy agility cold.

Putting these armors as gap filling armors shouldn’t be unbalancing… if having each attribute with each element is unbalanced maybe the scale used to measure needs to be reexamined.

Just my humble opinion and hopefully someone reads this.

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Aquilonian scout and Yamatai foot… leave my armors alone.

“Khitan mercenary: Solution make heat armor.”

I hate 80% of designs, and you instantly trigger me with few that I like. NONONONO.
Shoo! hehehehehhehe.

They can give us mods to change heat/cold at later date if time, but leave my armors alone…

we all want something, not everyone wants what you want… just leave them as they are. Alot of us are happy.

Then again… I dont own Turan, so make mess of it all you want. wink

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It would be great if we could move heat and cold to the dlc armor we like the looks of . Could would that make it OP?

It was part of conversation before… some thing it be op to have “tool” versions to do it on fly. Or make it perma change. (I suggested to make tool weigh 5units)

Some suggested adding 2 version to already full menu.

I think in Dev stream they mention amount of work to do it, and turned idea down? I forget…

Aqu and khi lights are my go too’s, and FAVES in designs. There isnt much else that fits my fance outside dancer gear mix with base game Aqu sandles and chest.

I get the idea of having preferred appearance style but my point is currently there are 3 medium strength armors all cold resistance.

Maybe a better example is accuracy. Out if the 4 sets that only give boosts to accuracy the only cold is heavy. Arrows have weight so they are severely limiting archers in the cold biomes not to mention going from being able to roll in fights to the heavy shuffle.

Being able to switch types by tools or any other way would completely make non DLC armor weak. Why bother hunting down a specific armorer when any could make the flawless dlc armor.

I’d imagine my suggestion would be the easiest and from a stand point of giving new armors in dlc it would have been the most likely order to have been done in.

Ideally the armors would be purely cosmetic with “enchantments” being used to alter attributes and temp resistance being able to be chosen when crafting the armor. Maybe have it as a “tool” placed on it to set it after its made but until then it only gives basic protection and no stat boost.

But that sounds like a huge programming task.
I’m not counting on any changes actually happening but there’s not much of a reason not to have every attribute have each type of armor with both temps.

And since half the dlc armors are introducing new type resist combos clearly that’s not something they are against.

Being able to use the same weight type everywhere doesn’t seem like to much to ask or expect. Especially considering how drastically different each dodge is or damage resistance. And I dont mean one universal set that you wear everywhere but switching between armors for the hot cold and not going through a system shock because you now shuffle or get twice as hard as the case maybe.

Maybe I’m the minority in this regard.

I totally agree with the idea if adding more armors but I a sense the dlc already give a huge advantage. Using slaver and war chief as examples… one requires Grrr legbiter one of the rarest amorers… the other can be used with any named one… if they made the armors paired with other ones instead of copying them they could require the same armorer to make both temperature types… that would be one solution. And since like I’ve said roughly half already fo fill in gaps it’s not a hard fast rule they are following themselves… and if they did make them all copy other armors while I personally would dislike it… I would support the idea totally so that the dlcs only “advantage” would be the ease of finding any armorer… but the half one way half another just rubs me the wrong way… right or wrong they need to follow a pattern one way or the other…

Look at the weapons they are stat wise all either iron or star metal. So by that logic (which is sound) all dlc should be skins of basic or epic light medium or heavy encumbrance armors.
Then no advantage in any way just skins…

But once they opened the door of some being new combos it raises the question of why not all combos being represented… are 42 armors to much to expect or ask for? And if so what are possible solutions to allow for every combo to exist without dlc? The “enchanting” idea for which attribute it boosts comes to mind then a selection of weather somehow could do it… but that’s a major rework of the existing system…

And I say enchanting because it adds the subtle flavor if “magic” to the game in the way that magic already does… maprooms for example…

That system would in fact make dlc just skins but then what do the armorers do? Besides lowering cost? Do they know the “runes” that fit the armors the know? Grr legbiter knows hot str heavy rune? Without whom at best you can do a simple rune that gives standard bonus?

It’s easy to soutball ideas but any real solution has to examine all of these layers and factor into the p2w aspect which admittedly my idea did not do very well. But just copying existing armors without needing hard ti find thralls doesn’t either. Why use Slaver when you can use war chief… way easier flawless and generic mats needed and used…

My idea was one solution to fill holes… for it not to be p2w the basic ideas would need to be adding free new armors or a tool that permanently changes hot ir cold resistance… in my opinion

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