New Clothing Types (Merchants and Casual dress)

Although the FunCom Art Division have kind of outdone themselves with all the DLC stuff, I wonder how practical it would be to reskin/design ‘T1 Casual-Clothing’ types? The types could be ones for merchants, fisher-people, blacksmiths, tailors, etc.? Yes, there are Mods out there that kinda do some of this, BUT many of these are visual reskins of T2 and T3 armours and not new items of clothing. Obviously a DLC and therefore money-generating :slight_smile:

I would be very interested in seeing whether there are any other players and Admins out there that would be interested in this suggestion? If there is interest, what clothing types should be in the list?


I’m of two minds on this.

Clothes should be a wealth/power distinction with those with nothing having none.

And/or just have fun, starting with the ubiquitous chicken costume.

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Ever since Funcom made artisan thralls more recognizeable, I’ve become utterly bored of seeing that apron everywhere. I use mods to let me change the clothing of my artisan thralls, but when the rest of the world from Darfaristan to New Asagarth wears the same apron, it becomes an eyesore.

So yes, more clothing variety, please. Would pay money for it.


I agree. A week or so ago, I mentioned that it would have been nice if they had included a set of “civilian” clothes with each DLC pack.

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Or just add free clothing items for each race.

I have often felt that Cooks should retain the Aapron, Light Helmet and Coarse clothing. However, their versions should all be White for the sake of variety and visual distinction among other craftsmen.

Although being able to change their clothing would also be a welcomed addition.

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