DLC Clothing idea

I’d like to see a DLC pack that’s nothing but clothing. They could all be stated the same as light armor, and come in a new Armorer bench style crafter- put in a thrall to get exceptional and flawless, and unlock epics with the perk.

For design, just go nuts with it. The Conan Dark Horse comics alone would have a ton of inspiration. Everything from slave rags to royal tunics, have the more covering outfits protect in cold and skimpier in the heat.

YES! Rugs! I LOVE rugs!
Nope, this is not a trap. I mean what I just wrote.
In several games I honestly dislike all that bling bling. I like rouge like characters, and having them dress up in bling bling armor feels wrong.

Ideally there would be several armors with the same stats but allowing to choose our own style, eighter choosing a certain set or mixing stuff to our liking. :star_struck: