DLC Idea - Regular Armor & Clothing

I would like to make a small suggestion here. Because i think there is something missing in the game which seems to be very important:
Clothing and Armor.

Yes, there is many Armor already with the DLCs and clothing. But all these armors are not compatible to each other. Which - for me - is a big issue. So many Thralls look like some kind of Clone-Armor (just with different skin-tones and hair colors)
But i also think this is great game and a big opportunity - and i already asked many people who would like something like this. So the Idea is to bring up a varietion of Items which can be used by many cultures and combined them. Some kind of ‘basic-Stuff’ instead of the highly specialized nation stuff some ‘general’ stuff you could use for Mercenaries or regular Soldiers in the border regions.

I would suggest 2 DLC:

Regular Armors

-What does it include?
10 Helmet Variations
Nasal Helmet, Kettle Hat, Chainmail-Hood, Bronze-Helmets and so on.

Armor Variations
3 different types of Chainmail. With a normal chainmail design as basic. So you can cut off some stuff from the legs, shoulders to stop the clone army to some point. Or depicted on the Culture in varity

-Padded Armor Variation (4 Variants)
-Chainmail Variation ( 4 Variants)
1. Long-arm chainmail
2. Half-arm Chainmail
3. Chainmail West
4. Damaged chainmail

1. Knee-long trousers
2. Knee long Chainskirt
3. Half Long Chainskirt
4. Damages Chainmail

-Scale Armor Variation (4 Variants)
-Plate Armor Variation (4 Variants)

Shield Variations
-Kite Shield (3 Variants)
-Buckler Shield (2 Variants)
-Knight Shield (3 Variants)
-Legionary Shield (3 Variant)

and many other ideas to this.

Most importantly: Add Shields which can be used with heraldry.

**Regular Civilian Clothing **
-Different Trousers (like 10)
-Different Outerwear (like 10)
-Different Boots (like 5)
-Different Gloves (like 5)
-Add Tabard (5 Variants)

What does it not include?
-Any Building Pieces
-Any Weapons, i think Weapons are already well implemented in ‘basic designs’
-Any Placeables
-Any Pets

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