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Heya fellow exiles ! While talking with @Trappist01x, I had what I think would be a pretty cool idea : What if, for each armor/weapon that you can craft, you could have multiple variations of that said item. Like for example, you have your heavy armor helm with the horns, well, you can craft the same without them. Got the steel heater shield, make a round steel shield. It’s purely cosmetic of course and doesn’t change anything gameplay wise, but it could bring the level of customisation to a higher level in my opinion. Of course, Funcom should focus more on important things right now, like mounts, thralls, dodge system etc… But I thought that this could be a neat little change so, what do you think ??

  • Variations : good idea
  • Variations : bad idea
  • Variations : I don’t care
  • Variations : I’m on PvP and it’s just cosmetic so I don’t care

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Its a cool idea, even though I doubt it ever happening.



Sadly I know, but I enjoyed the thought :wink:


I’d really like to have the thoughts of some big boys from the community about this so I’ll use my mighty powers to summon a few of them here (I hope :joy:), maybe some of you saw this topic and didn’t respond, I don’t know :joy: but here we go : @Zeb, @Croms_Faithful, @Multigun (I’m sorry to bother you all but i want some thoughts :joy:)

@Mikey, @Larathiel, @Shadoza, I won’t call anyone else as I don’t want to botheer too many people !

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You tagged me so, here’s the honest report.

From a design standpoint, bad idea. There might be a better way to do in via blueprints or code, but the way I would know how to do it would be that you would have to generate multiple itemID’s for every instance. That’s hundreds (thousands?) of new items to create. Not to mention having to create unique meshes for every instance of variation that you want. That’s a lot of work.


And I wanted an honest report ! If my idea is bad, then it’s bad ! I know you’ll always say what you think ! Thanks for the feedback, I don’t know how the ins and outs of items are working so I didn’t think that it would be that big of a work but you know, just simple thoughts of someone who don’t know much ! :joy:

That’s of course a wonderful idea and i’d be glad if it was implemented in the game, but only if you can do a transmogrifiation with armors of the same type like medium -> medium, if that’s not the case, I see one issue with this for the PVP players…

Thanks for ping! So part of the issue as I see it is that the combat system of the game rewards game knowledge. While I might not be a PvP player in this game, I’ve participated in enough PvP in other games, and read enough feedback from CE PvP players to have some semblance of why this could be problematic.

For one thing, CE’s combat system is based around the WYSIWYG paradigm (what you see is what you get). If a player sees someone else wearing say Khitan Medium, they know that their opponent will have some serious buffs in the Strength department. Similarly, a Vanir set would inform them that Grit is their forte, and their opponent might try to out-last their adversary’s stamina.

While this matters little to me as a PvE player, Funcom has shown repeatedly that while DLC sales may be catered to the RP and PvE crowd, actual game balance is chiefly influenced by PvP dynamics. I can’t see them throwing the WYSIWYG principle to the wayside and upsetting that, nor implementing such a system that only part of their fanbase can enjoy.

Now if they did allow things like armor/weapon transmog and helmet hiding for just PvE servers, I’d be ecstatic, but since the Official server PvE population seems pretty small compared to the private PvE crowd, I’d expect them to rightly direct people to the Fashionist mod… even if console players wouldn’t be able to benefit from it.

I just don’t see this as being worth Funcom’s time, even as much as I might enjoy it. :frowning:

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Happy to share a thought with a buddy Gavinrad. I like it. More creative options I stand a better chance of creating some additional, albeit faux Crom weapons and armour for myself. Great for roleplayers too. Some additional versions of say, the Bejewelled and Derketo armours too…:drooling_face:. But as Necro and Multi have already said, it could prove to be a hard sell, mainly on account of the workload. But never say never.

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