Skin gear, how it could be done

So i just read about it on the suggestions list that there is vanity slots being discussed. Maybe I’m too early on it but i want to suggest somethings that may or may not help it being approved.

Beyond technical limitations that it may pose , I started to think what may be holding devs or desing team doing such thing.

  • Anti immersive
  • Not a fair representation of what a enemy player is wearing .
    (may add more later if i think about something else)

For those points I would like to suggest limitations to the vanity slots. Weapons and armors could only have an active visual of same category items. Heavy with heavy visual, light with light visual. Same for weapons that needs to keep same category as each weapons animations has its own perks. The limitations could go further for immersion’s sake. While only cold resistance armor could use a could resistance visual, same for hot.

Maybe I was too early on that matter maybe i guess it wrong about what are vanity slot still those are my suggestions for the needed system for the business model chosen going for cosmetic/vanity gear DLCs.

another thought, if its PVE it can be on all the time and in PVP servers it turns off in combat with a cool down

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