Official Armour "Vanity" System Workbench

To those unaware, by vanity I’m referring to the ability to change the visuals of armour while retaining its original stats.

Such a system would satisfy many player issues with the stat bonuses on armour, be it heat/cold resistances or attribute bonuses, particularly on DLC Sets raising their value greatly (I.e more people would purchase them as there would viability in the awesome aesthetics, making the DLC usable in all game scenarios, PVE, PVP and Endgame).

Mods exist that do such a thing, sure, but more casual players and those on console will likely never be able to access them.

I suggest a workbench that sacrifices some crafting materials to copy one armour model to another.
This system would have limits however, needing both armour pieces to be in the same armour class (light, medium, heavy) to not compromise the PVP aspect of assessing your opponent’s defenses.
Another debatable limit is whether or not to allow legendary armours like Godbreakers & The Nemedian to use the system, as several legendary pieces offer significant combat bonuses too, their presence hidden in PVP.

In short, an armour visuals changing system, officially announced, would boost player satisfaction with DLCs and likely boost sales due to being viable across all gameplay.

You have my full support for vanity slots even though I am playing exclusively on private servers and Fashionist is a must have mod for me.

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