"Hide helmett" and "vanity" sistem

It would be great to have a " hide helmett" option in the game , apart from a " vanity" sistem similar to the one from Age of Conan…to further customize the characters…don’ t you think guys?


ЯFrom my PoW stat increase should be alchemical or magical craftable which slots into armour piece and should add specific to every stat bonus visual effect, costumes which hides tier of armour from other side is a bad thing to every game where battle mechanics is different than smashing single button.

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Making armour hidable or adding a vanity system ruins many aspects of pvp the major one is you do no know when armour someone in wearing so how do you know how to approach the fight.

This is just a bad concept for this type of game.
Maybe make it only available in PVE but why would a developer put time into that? Maybe a modders can make it but I cannot see Funcom ever looking at a cosmetic only system


Yeah Grav …it does indeed feet more the Rp/ pve type maybe…on the other hand…it could add a bit of thrill to the pvp fights…allows you to hide a trick or two in yar pocket…don, t you think mate?:grin::wink:

By the way Sugar…i like the idea of adding bonus to armour sets via alchemy or special craft…if you played ESO they have a very intetesting system of adding set bonuses to crafts…via crafting at special locations/ altars…in a game with such a light( in the best of the cases) class rolls…it could be a little help when having to play diffetent rolls such healing or tanking

I’ve played it since console release, even made couple of wrobel memes :slight_smile:
Set crafting stations is one of not-that-bad solutions, but most sets in eso does not have visual effects(it’s not bad for game like eso) while I believe that in Conan everything should have clear visual representation

Yup…definetly…it must fit the game’s awesome graphical aspect.Game’s engine is a piece of art…it doesn’t require any monster pc to run it and even in lowest qualities looks great

Visual isn’t bad, yes.
But i’m talking about “What you see, that you get”, so people aren’t able to hide their build completely

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Not on PvP servers at least. When someone is coming over in Silent Legion I want to see that armour on him.

Not on PvP servers, being able to see what people have equipped is important knowledge.

for sure want this function, dont care if someone is afraid of what im wearing that they cant see, mostly just for the helms, to get rif og that huge backpack and to allow my character face to show, why even cutomize a character if you cant see their face?

If that matters so much to you than ethier find a mod to do this or play without that armour slot.

Just like reality if you care for your vanity do not cover it up thinking you can just clock a hide button is really foolish. Only counter to this is have it so it is hidden for you only. This game is focused on pvp so armour matters

Almost every game now let’s you customize your character only to cover it in armour which is why the character screen is pointless in almost every game release.

meh, if you have to know what you enemy has in order to good you are not set up ight, take my archer for example, it dontmatter what you have on, im hurting you granted it would never hold its own in a 1v1, buts thats what clans are for. what ever will yall do if they bring in a vanishing spell and you cant even see your enemy haha

on that note, irl, i could havea trnch coat on and full body plating and you would never know it, would you have hollow points all the time or only if you knew i had the plating?

For a mod and private servers, nice addition for rp and cosmetic, now in Official PvP servers No! It is important for obvious reason see when somenos is using a helm or whatever thing they have in their heads, you can tell the type of opponent they are after you know sets.

Back on old times, an assassin mostly would strike a heavy armored foe when they remove their helms.

These arguments are pretty invalid as hiding things just to see your character is foolish and as well doing this will only expand do you want a ton of people in full SL running around appearing naked because that’s what it will turn into because people always want extremes

The game was designed around a form of immersion so invisible equipment makes no sense.

If you want hidden things find a mod and host a server having this on official would be stupid and make no sense

i wouldnt ever turn my armor off, but a helm? sure why not, not like a simgle piece will change the tactics of it other then knowing who is a harvester and who isnt and my harvester is mean in her own right.