Option "Show helmet"

Hi there. I like Conan Exiles. But i do not like how looks most of helmets (it is only my opinion and my taste). Can Funcom add an option “show helmet”? Because I want to see my character without helmet. Thanks for attention and sorry for my English.


When 40 minutes created the appearance of the character

I support the author with all hands


Fully agree and support this. Even though it would prevent you to see what they are rocking while pvping.

The option exists in ARK: Survival Evolved, so I don’t see why Funcom can’t implement it for Conan Exiles, in any game where I get the option to hide head gear, I do it, unless it’s something small, like glasses, circlets, etc.

Needs to be a PVE option, but as far as official PVP, knowing if they are sporting a gas mask is crucial in knowing whether to waste poison gas. along with a way to identify what level armor they are sporting, and armor type to edu-guess their build before engaging. These are all fighter necessities when melee fighting.

Only needs to work on anything that prevents sandstorm/gas damage and bearers packs.

I meant to remove display of only own helmet. For others, the helmet should be stay visible

Good idea but knowing how busy they’re fixing other bugs n stuff highly doubt this will ever be a thing. Not to mention seems like there’s only 1 yr left of breathable oxygen for this games. Nice idea tho. Other games have it n it is a nice qol feature to have.

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I second this. It’s something miniscule but I’d really like to see this added.

If you want the protection, wear it. If not dont.

We can kill you without seeing your mug.

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