Hide helmet option


I wanna add my voice to the posibility of hiding helmet :slight_smile:

Have a nice one!


I second that.

Or lets have a wider selection of head-wear both in appesrance and buffs that let our hair show.

So far i only like the light cloth wrap but it does not give the strengt bonus i want.


I’m all for this. I’d even say take it a step further and allow cosmetic armor (or lack of it). For instance allow us to choose what is visible and not, if you want a bare chested barbarian (like Conan) go for it but still have the benefits of your armor. Or perhaps you like running around in light armor but would like to have the benifits of heavy, equip your light in the cosmetic slots and your heavy in the actual slots.

I suppose it could cause issues on PvP servers. Without the ability to ‘consider’ your opponents armor and weapons are a strong indicator of how strong or weak they’ll be. On PvE servers though I don’t see any problem with this.

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Yes, please give a hide helmet option

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Hide helm is a must, but only until you attack something or get hit. Cooldown of like 10 seconds?
In Runescape wild, all your cosmetics get turned off and you are seen in your armor. Same thing should happen, idk how to implement it though

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I’m not for such add to the game, would make it harder to read the gear of your opponent, but for that problem, if that had to be done make it so that the one who hide his helmet is the only aware of that, and other see the hat like normaly
(For armor cosmetic, same speach, remember that it’s a survival, people have to know what you are about^^)

I would also support the outfit system!

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I would love to see my characters hair while using helmets. What is the point of selecting a hair style if 99% of the time you wont be able to see it?

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It would be cool. but ON PVP other players should see you as it is not as with cosmetics.
so they can decide to run or fight BEFORE they hit you.

On PVE there is no point to have a cooldown and show it in combat.

BUT for realism… I could use a button for easy equip dequip the helmet. (for reals not for cosmetics)
Like how you can sheate your sword. no helmet shown no armor bonus from it helmet shown armor bonus presents. but it would need an option very very easy to switch.
so in combat when you draw your weapon you could put on the helmet too.
It could benefit both and no need to separate PVP from PVE by using this.

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“remember that it’s a survival, people have to know what you are about^^”

WUT? Sorry to say but that was the silliest line I ever read. :smiley: (supposed to be funny not abusive)
But let me explain it:
The game HAS A PVP option so that’s the cause ppl needs to read your gear. NOT because it is a survival game. :smiley: (therefore hide helmet option shouldn’t be implemented/used at PVP (OR only shown for the “wearer” like a client side option to turn off helmet display on own character))

That things you tried to attach to each other are two very different things.

“Because of survival”!!!
You need to eat drink and clothe yourself according to weather find or build shelter (or other means) against sandstorm in this game.
NO other players involved in this process at all by default.

In case you play in a clan or something your teammates doesn’r really need that information about what you wearing (in PVE for instance)

well… at least you can put your helmet on hotbar and equip it for fight, or i don’t know, make your gear before stat, so you can wear what you like and still be a competent fighter^^
There is some jewelery that doesn’t hire haircut
i don’t feel like the game should add such cosmetic lifestyle like that, appart from more character customisation

I would like this too personally. ;D This was added to our list of suggestions to the developers. Thanks for the feedback everyone!


Nicole you are my heroine. :smiley:
Always ending conversations on a high note. Made my day. Thank you.

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wuhu! :slight_smile: :hugs: