[SUGGESTION] - Option to hide Helm

Can we please have the option to hide our head gear in game. Enable a setting in options to allow this please.

This would be a nice option to have. But for now you can use a bug to do it.

  1. Wear a helmet.
  2. Equip the Exceptional Vanir Settler Breechclout (non-epic version).
  3. Helm turns invisible!
  4. Equip whatever leggings you want.

I don’t use this myself. I like having my antlers visible.

takes away from the game play. If your wearing stuff, you should see it. even weapons.

For some, sure. For others, it enhances it.
He’s asking for a setting to toggle the visibility, not to hide it for all players.


Yes, OP is talking about personal settings option only to “hide” helmets from all characters for this player only like there is a nudity level in Conan right now. It is a very common and eventually not expensive option to make, however, I it would be definitely with the lowest priority.