Please give us invisibile helmet option

Please give us the option to make our helmets invisible so that we can see our faces.


I dont wanna be rude man, but this is a survival game, not wow or gw2, so no, I wanna see what my enemy is using

If you wanna see your toons face dont use a helm.


Good point didn’t think about that.

You can also (for now) use a bug to hide your helmet.

  1. Equip any helm.
  2. Equip Exceptional Vanir Breechclout (non-epic version)
  3. Helm becomes invisible.
  4. Equip whatever leggings you want.

This is a bug on PC, not sure if it’ll work on PS4.

I use the Vanir Fur helm (antlers) because I like them and they show my character’s face and hair.

I have a female character so I say invisible armor too!


I agree. Plus it shouldnt be a problem, to make it optional, if other players can see your helmet nevertheless.

Okay it is clear that you don’t know how these things work…

Client OPTION to turn on or off helmet display on the given players monitor only.

So if the guy uses it you still can see his/her hat.

or just use the vanir earrings… :smiley: no bugs required.

But then you miss the stats, Gary.

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If thats the case, then its ok.

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Because of a graphical option? That would be a bug. :smiley: (unfortunately FunCom is awesome to create bugs <- sadly)

Not so much work would be to program it tho. Only one code line in the right place so that the program forget to render (show it) it if that one option is set to true:
if (xxxxxSetupOptionForHideHelmetxxxxxVariable == false) {character.show_helmet();} <- kinda deal.

Really not a hard thing to do for someone who knows the code itself. :smiley:

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If only people would use search…


That’s why he was saying you’d miss the stats.
Yeah you’d get the stats of the earrings but you wouldn’t get the stats for a ‘good’ helmet if you’re wearing earrings instead.