Helmet: suggestion

Hello everyone. I have a suggestion to make about the helmets … could you add in the settings, to be able to hide the helmets … the women with these long hair in the back is really pretty, it’s a pity that it hides this hair, or for women instead of the helmet, a diadem?Yes I know I am a woman and I like to have a beautiful character.
Thank you.


+1 on this. I am male playing long hair characters and a client side option to hide helmets on your screen would be cool as heck. Wouldn1t even interfere with the PVP “visibility obsession” of yours <-@devs

What I would like is to be able to see the hair under the helmet.
If you have the long braid you should still see it when the helmet is on,

the high ponytail should come out of the helmet, the long braided mohawk should still dangle below the helmet
beards should have physics even short should be seen.

But I know this would really involve a lot of added models and scripts.

what I do at this time is I just don’t wear the helmet when I’m not about to fight.

I think there are and will be more mods to hide the helmet. but I doubt it will ever be an added feature.

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As you said. Maybe waaay too much work I guess on the scripting side.
Although IMO it would look great too.

But I like to have the option for partial visibility or no visibility on the helmet as well.
so either totaly cover the hair how it is now, or just lifelike style long hair shown hanging under. Or just remove the helmets visibility. Each of these options would be great. agreed

There was a Mod that allowed you to hide your head item, so it can’t be that hard for the devs to make a vanilla game feature.

This would be especially nice now due to the ugly looking backpacks (which really should have their own slow and different models for too.

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