Show hair option for helmets/Show or hide helmet

This is a topic I struggle with when it comes to most video games. Why does a character with long hair instantly have no hair visible when putting on a helmet? If my character with long flowing locks puts on the Aquilonian helm or the Silent Legion helm, her hair should really be visible, at least the lower half. I get there being clipping issues altogether, and not being able to hide only portions of the hair to make it look authentic, but I feel like this could at least be an option for players, a switch to toggle on and off. I’d honestly deal with any clipping oddities with helmets and hair just to have the option of showing my character’s hair with a helmet. As it is not all helmets would look odd with hair showing. Some would, sure, but again this could be a toggle option from the inventory screen.

Conversely an option to hide a character’s helmet would also be a great toggle option as well.


I would also like an option to hide my helmet. :slight_smile:

Yes please,
Would like my character’s hairstyles to show under helmets.
Maybe even “helmet hair” toggle options for hairstyles
Hair - Normal
Hair - Helmet Hair
Hair - Hidden (with helmets/hoods only)

Helmet - visible
Helmet - hidden

Then we choose which combination we want to use?


Girls usually put up their long hair, prior to wearing helmets.

Although a french braid showing behind a Black Dragon helmet would be jolly cool…