Introducing new cultures

Hello Funcom!
I was wondering if we were getting any new cultures any time soon (meaning new buildings, clothes and things like that). I don’t mean just a single new piece here and there like seen in the shop but a huge chunk of new culture stuff.There are so many cultures you haven’t touched yet. So many. There are so many possibilities. It could virtually go on forever.

Have you watched the new “leaked” video of 3.0? Its heavily magick themed with dark ritutal, building designs, magic clothes, undead and such. Look it up on youtube if you haven’t.

Ofc I have. It’s awesome. I’m thinking here of some specific cultures of the Conan’s world.

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To add to this. The Battlepass and store will take the place of Cultural dlc packs allowing them to add more things people can pick and choose from. The battle pass will be themed while the store is a la carte.

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Well within the video they said they weren’t going to do anymore of those DLC packs as they are being replaced by the battle pass and cash shop. However they might do these differing cultures for future battle passes if they are successful after the magick theme hype dies down a bit.

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Jinx! You owe me coke

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I hope it will be like that. For now, there is some table and some banners in the shop. I’d like a really elaborate and distinct culture stuff.

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I hear you, and I think that was teased in the video. So you’ll see some building sets be separate from the decor is what I noticed. Meaning if someone isn’t into the decor but wants the building set, they can work towards getting that. And Vice versa, but the matching items will be put out.

Edit: one of the store items was a Khitan medicine set. so placaeables. If you love Khitan and have the DLC, this is an extra piece to add onto that and build up your love for Khitan culture.

Oh, just imagine all the possibilities! :smiley:

I had in mind something like


Sure, it all depends on what their art department creates for assets down the line.

Ah yes, I see now what you were saying. The culture stuff in the shop will from now on be divided into:

  1. Buildings
  2. Decor
  3. Clothes/armor
    4 Weapons
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Yes! Sorry, i don’t communicate as well as i sound in my head

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Can anyone guess what culture do they plan next?

I’m guessing they will release items that vary in culture or lore. For example, the Screenshot from the Bazaar store showed a Khitan medicine set (decor), an Undead rhino mount, a banquet set (which seemed to look refined or Northern) and then an Aesir weapons set. So we will see a variation.

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